10 Most Expensive Michelin-Star Restaurants

The Michelin star restaurant ratings system has been in place for decades, created to point out and honor some of the best restaurants in the world. One star means "a very good restaurant," two stars means "excellent cooking that is worth a detour," and the coveted three stars signify "exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey."

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As you can expect, restaurants acknowledged worldwide in this way are undoubtedly crazy expensive! Still, those that can swing it will go out of their way to eat at these restaurants for the unforgettable experience. Here are the ten most expensive Michelin star restaurants and their locations!

10 Alain Ducasse At The Dorchester - $223 Per Person

This restaurant at The Dorchester Hotel in London has only been open since 2007, but quickly gained a stunning reputation. While it was, of course, first opened by French chef Alain Ducasse, the current head chef is Jean-Philippe Blondet after replacing chef Jocelyn Herland in 2016. Specializing in French cuisine, this restaurant provides you with a lot of dining options. Ordering from the Seasonal Menu will be about $223, while the tasting menu is $175. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester first earned its three star rating in 2010, making it one of the first five restaurants in the United Kingdom to earn this rating.

9 Schloss Schauenstein - $269 Per Person

This restaurant in Fürstenau, Switzerland was named as one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World by Restaurant Magazine in 2013. This beautiful dining experience takes place in a 12th-century castle, and head chef Andreas Caminada serves up the best of local cuisine.

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Their wine menu shouldn't be overlooked either as the restaurants current sommelier, Oliver Friedrich, was named "Sommelier of the Year 2013" by Gault-Millau. Eating here will cost you about $269 per person, but hey, it's in a Swiss castle. It first received its three star rating in 2011.

8 Per Se - $340 Per Person

Per Se in New York City not only gives diners the most spectacular views of Columbus Circle and Central Park, it also gives them a dining experience where no ingredient is repeated throughout the multiple servings of their nine-course meal.

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With both a chef tasting menu and a vegetable tasting menu, you're given a lot of variety. Still, ordering off either menu will run you $340 per person. The eatery is owned by chef Thomas Keller, and the current head chef is Corey Chow. The restaurant first received the three star rating in 2006, only two years after the place first opened in 2004.

7 Restaurant De l'Hôtel De Ville - $400 Per Person

Located in Crissier, Switzerland, this restaurant was once dubbed "best restaurant in the world" by The List. Run by husband and wife Benoît and Brigitte Violier, the restaurant has boasted many revered chefs over the years. Currently, chef Franck Giovannini is at the helm, and leads a team of about 25 chefs.

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They specialize in French cuisine and switch the menu up depending on the season. Ordering the best of the best from the menu will run you about $400 -- and that's not even including if you order off their 40-page wine list. Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville was awarded three stars in 1992.

6 Alain Ducasse Au Plaza Athénée - $440 Per Person

Here we have another restaurant opened by chef Alain Ducasse, only this time opened at Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris, France. The restaurant itself is exquisite, and using the term "fancy" would be an understatement. (The dining room ceiling drips with 10,000 crystals!) You have plenty of options and can choose to order off of the Jardin-Marin menu ($440) or the Naturalite menu ($235.) The Jardin-Marin menu is highly recommended by critics, and features entrees, cheeses, and desserts. Beverages have a separate cost, however! The head chef is currently Romain Meder, and the restaurant first earned its three star rating in 2016.

5 Maison Pic - $445 Per Person

Located in Valence, France, Maison Pic is a family restaurant. While chef Anne-Sophie Pic is at the helm now, the place used to be run by her father, Jaques Pic, who had inherited the place from his father, André Pic. André helped the restaurant earn its first three stars in 1939, but lost the three-star rating a few years later.

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Jaques earned the three stars back for the place in 1973, but then also struggled to maintain all three. Finally, in 2007, Anne-Sophie was able to reclaim all three stars. It's held onto that rating ever since. Most food critics recommend ordering from the Collection Pic menu, which can cost about $445 per person.

4 Guy Savoy - $460 Per Person

Ever wanted to eat at a restaurant with food prepared by famous chef Gordan Ramsay? We'll do you one better -- chef Guy Savoy is Ramsay's mentor! Guy Savoy in Paris, France, has a wine list that the Michelin guide refers to as "excellent standard" as well as the most scrumptious food. Expect caviar, lobster, raw oysters, and duck breast to be the type of items on the menu. A 12-course meal will cost you over $460, or around 415 Euros. It first received the three star rating in 2002.

3 Masa - $595 Per Person

While Masa serves up authentic Japanese cuisine, it's located in New York City -- in the Time Warner Center, to be more specific. Acclaimed chef Masa Takayama prepares what he wants to serve each day.

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A dining experience here will run you about $595 per person, not accounting for beverages and tax. And it's only a tasting menu! Still, there is something to be said about a chef who is so dedicated to his craft that he prepares a new menu daily. Masa was first awarded three stars in 2009.

2 Kitcho Arashiyama - $600 Per Person

Located in Kyoto, Japan, Kitcho Arashiyama is said to be - on average - about $600 per person. This restaurant has a traditional and historic appeal, as it's run by award-winning chef Kunio Tokuoka after his grandfather handed over the reigns. One of the main appeals of this dining experience is the beautiful architecture, as the place resembles a traditional Japanese tea ceremony house overlooking the lush green gardens the country is known for. And of course, the chef is serving up the best of Japanese fare. Kitcho Arashiyama was first awarded three stars in 2010.

1 Ultraviolet - $900 Per Person

Located in Shanghai, China, Ultraviolet is a whole new dining experience. With thumping speakers and neon lights, the restaurant tailors sensory experiences to your meal so you can have a "multi-sensory experience." Different lights, sounds, music, and scents can actually compliment your food and help it taste better! Naturally, for the full 22-course journey at this unique restaurant, you'll have to pay up $900. Head chef Paul Pairet often draws from his French background when coming up with menu items, but as you can probably guess, is also willing to experiment! This eatery first got its threes star rating in 2018.

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