Men Ignore Their Partners 388 Times Per Year, But Women Aren't Much Better

A new study has revealed that men ignore their partners 388 times per year, with women clocking up almost as annoying 339 times.

We'd hazard to guess that pretty much everyone reading this has felt as if they are being ignored. Who is doing the ignoring and the information they are neglecting to listen to will dictate exactly how angry their employment of selective hearing makes us. Chances are if it's your partner not listening, and it appears as if they're doing so to avoid helping with something, it will make your blood boil.

Turns out if you have felt as if your partner is ignoring you, or you're the one being accused of doing the ignoring, you're not alone. A study undertaken by Scrivens Hearing Care revealed that men are the main culprits, choosing to ignore their partners 388 times per year. Women don't have much to brag about though as they are also guilty of doing so, but only 339 times per year reports Unilad.

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via Toronto Star

Even though it can feel as if they are doing it on purpose, especially when they tune out just as you ask them to do the hoovering, there might be a deeper underlying issue. Scrivens' study didn't begin and end with asking if people think their partners choose to not hear certain things they say. In fact, further questions revealed that selective hearing might not be down to laziness alone.

Turns out all this "ignoring" could actually be a sign that something more is wrong. Although 70% of those who took part in the study think their partner has selective hearing, more than half of them believe they might have a genuine hearing problem. 41% of the participants admitted that their partner avoids socializing due to not being able to hear properly, and almost half think that their partner mumbles.

That last one might be the most telling of all, especially if you think your partner has started mumbling later in life and not the whole time you've been together. Hearing is something that deteriorates gradually over time, so most people don't even realize it has gotten worse. It's also a sign we're getting older, something we don't like to admit even though it happens to everyone.

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