Meal Prep Tips That Work Even If You Are A Terrible Cook

When you are trying to lose weight, it is essential to meal prep. Otherwise, all your hard work exercising can go out the window. Many people don't do this because they are not the greatest cooks, but that no longer has to be a factor.

According to PopSugar, there are a few tricks that can help even the worst cook become a superstar at meal prepping. One of the best tips is to buy premade cauliflower rice. It is an excellent alternative to rice or potatoes. However, making it from scratch can be annoying, especially when your cooking skills are limited. The chopping of cauliflower, and squeezing the water out and the cleanup, once it is done in the food processor, is not fun. Having a bag of premade cauliflower rice on hand will give you the same great food but without the hassle.


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Rotisserie chicken is one the best hacks for easy meal prep. The chicken is already cooked and will last for a few meals. There is no mess, or cooking time — just yummy delicious chicken. Plus, it won't even cost that much more than buying it raw, maybe a dollar or two. Using store-bought avocado-mayo, which goes great with rotisserie chicken, it also a fabulous tip. It can be challenging to make the spread yourself, so skip that step and use the spread as a dip, or as a condiment.

Cheap seasoning is a must for meal prep, and you don't have to limit yourself to one or two. Stores such as Target or Trader Joes have a section of spices that are inexpensive. Stock up on those seasonings to turn any bland meal into a delicious meal that melts in your mouth.

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Buying frozen veggies will not only save you time, but it will also save you money. Fresh vegetables are not only pricier but even if you are not a good cook can be difficult to master. The finished product is always yummy with frozen veggies. Cook them on the stove or pop them in the microwave to add the finishing touch to any meal.

Finally, invest in the reusable containers, this will save you money and the environment. Stock up on different sizes to help with portion control and to keep those prepped meals fresh.


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