Investigation Reveals McDonald's Touch Screens Could Have Poo On Them

Research conducted in the UK has revealed that a number of McDonald's touch screens may have traces of fecal matter on them.

Society is becoming more and more adverse to human interaction. It's probably fair to say that a great many of us prefer to interact with people via our phones, especially if we are forced to interact with someone we don't know. Buses filled with people all staring at screens, even tables full of friends at restaurants all ignoring each other as they scroll through Facebook.

Speaking of restaurants, a lot of fast food chains have gone a step further in the quest to remove all human interaction from society. If you have frequented a McDonald's or a KFC recently, you might well have used one of their touch screens. Place your order, pay by card, then go to the counter to pick up your food. If you don't say thank you to the server, you will have successfully ordered lunch without having to say a single word.


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Aside from the obvious issues pertaining to people actually speaking to one another less and less, Metro has discovered something else worrying about these touch screens. Representatives from the newspaper paid a visit to six different branches of McDonald's in the UK. While there, those representatives took samples from the self-service touch screens using swabs.

Every single one of the screens had traces of fecal matter on them. They also found traces of staphylococcus, listeria, Klebsiella. That's the sort of stuff that causes infections in hospitals. While we were surprised that all six screens were in this state, we weren't entirely in shock. No matter how often the screens are cleaned, there will still be some filthy customers that use them after going to the bathroom and not washing their hands.

Metro contacted McDonald's for comment after its findings. The fast-food chain replied that it cleans its screens regularly, and also that all restaurants provide facilities for customers to wash their hands. In defense of McDonald's, that's really about all they can do short of installing handwash dispensers alongside the screens. For us handwashing Maccy D's fans, maybe it would be best to go to the counter from now on rather than use the screens.


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