Man Blast Led Zeppelin & A Tribe Called Quest At Cheese To Enhance Flavor

Did you know that blasting music like Led Zepplin and A Tribe Called Quest could help enhance the flavor of cheese?

It is a known fact that blasting music is a great mood lifter in humans. Whether it is the tune itself that puts you in a good mood or because you can get your groove on, music does wonders for the human psyche.

Now, one Swiss cheesemaker is using music like classic rock and hip-hop to bring out the flavor in his cheeses. The Japan Times was the first to break this fantastic story about one man's love for music and cheese. Beat Wampfler is an expert at making Emmental cheese in his hometown of Berthoud, Switzerland.


Via Japan Times

He is a vet by day and cheesemonger by night. Wampfler's love of Emmental has grown over the years. Now, in one corner of his cellar, the cheese enthusiast has wheels of Emmental sitting nicely in crates, but that is not what is so unusual. What makes Wampfler and his cheese making skill stand out is that he blasts the wheels of cheese with music.

It is a project Wampfler has been undergoing since September. He has blaring tunes from rock and roll legend Led Zepplin to hip-hop artists A Tribe Called Quest to prove that the power of music can influence the development, characteristics, and flavor of the Emmental cheese.

The cheese is currently listening to music while bathed in their respective genres and maturing their flavors. It is not as though he is blaring different music to all the cheeses. He has created sections to not only determine if music influences that taste but if different genres of music also influence the flavor.

Next March Beat Wampfler will be able to determine if his cheese music project is a success or not. Along with many students from the local University that are helping him conduct the music project, he will let a jury of cheese experts determine if they can taste a difference.

It is definitely the first study or project of its kind. Who would have ever thought that blasting music could have an impact on the flavor of cheese?


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