Mahaton Introduces World's First Wireless Charging Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Mahaton, a self-described high-tech hygiene technology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has introduced the world's first wireless charging self-cleaning water bottle. Perfect for those looking to cut down on plastic and increase the quality of their drinking water, the Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle provides a convenient and stylish alternative to plastic water bottles.

Featuring innovative wireless charging technology, the Mahaton bottle uses mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sterilize drinking water by removing 99.99% of bacteria within 90 seconds. The company states that the cutting-edge UV technology has FDA, CE, and SGS certifications.

To power the bottle, you simply place the charger on the lid. Then, you tap the top of the bottle to begin the sterilization process. The bottle, which can hold and clean 350mL or 11.8 fl oz. of water, is made from 304 stainless steel and is BPA free. The lid, on the other hand, is made with food-grade plastics.

Mahaton is currently seeking funding for its bottle on Kickstarter. The campaign, which started with a goal of $10,000, has already exceeded its objective. A minimum pledge of $39, however, will allow you to preorder the bottle. Early buyers can also get two bottles for $79, or three for $199. Once the campaign ends, the price of each individual bottle will increase to $49.

According to Mahaton, the technology behind the sterilization process is also used by NASA to purify its water in space. The company also states that the process has been tested by independent third-party labs, which have certified that the system effectively kills bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella, Staph and MRSA.

The bottle itself, which was inspired by modern architecture, was developed by award-winning designers in the UK. The Mahaton water bottle is available in the following colors: Greenland, Lady Pink, and Paper White. Considering the cost of bottled water, the Mahaton self-cleaning water bottle will easily pay for itself within a couple of weeks.

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Mahaton was founded by Northeastern University alumni, the director of a semiconductor manufacturer in Silicon Valley and a designer who has won the Red Dot, IF and IDEA design awards. The company, which is one of the first in the world to develop UV-C LED technology-based consumer products, hopes to use technological innovation to improve people’s living environment.

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