10 Lucrative Careers That Didn't Exist Before 2010

The world changes at a fast pace. Thanks to technology, we have seen some professions disappear, like the switchboard operator or video store employees. On the other hand, several other careers were created in the last year, most of them related to the tech industry. Less than a decade ago, we did not have services like Uber drivers and app developers were something rare.

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Traditional careers like Law and Medicine were also "updated," and there are new working opportunities for those professionals. Undoubtedly, there is still much more to come. Curious? Keep scrolling and discover ten jobs that didn't exist until some years ago.

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10 Developer Evangelist

A developer evangelist is the professional responsible for mediating the communication between the company, technical staff and also the outside developers. Usually, this person will be an experienced developer that will be able to "translate" the information to different areas. This career became especially popular thanks to smartphones and according to PayScale, a developer evangelist makes over $100,000 per year.

Those professionals need more than a tech background. Developer evangelists also need to have excellent communication skills. They often need to attend trade shows and also be responsible for communicating with different teams.

9 User Experience Designer

Career Explorer defines this profession as responsible for "improving user satisfaction with a product by making its usability, accessibility, and interaction better. It brings together traditional human-computer interaction design and looks at improving all areas of user experience with a product or service."

The user experience designer (UX) is responsible for the design, testing, and implementation. The ideal professional needs to be detail-orientated, but also being able to look at the bigger picture on a project. The average annual salary in the US is nearly $75,000, but it can also be over $100,000.

8 Youtuber

When Youtube was created in 2005, the idea was to post short videos. However, probably the partners had no idea they would create a new profession for millions of people around the world. Being a Youtuber is one of the most recent careers on this list.

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There are many ways to monetize a Youtube channel, and the platform was responsible for creating making many millionaires. According to Money Inc., Jeffree Star is the richest of them. However, to make it a profession you need more than a camera, a good idea and editing skills. Youtube is always updating monetization rules, and you should be aware.

7 Digital Influencer

Social media changed the way we deal with the world. You probably already bought something, went to a restaurant or booked a hotel because you saw someone talking about it on social media. And people who are talking about those things are often earning money.

According to CNBC, Ariana Grande earns $1,000,000 per post on her social media. Of course, if you are not an A-list celebrity, the prices are lower, but it is still enough for thousands of people making a living of it.

6 Social Media manager

Not only digital influencers have to take care of their social media. Companies and brands need to have a strong presence on social media, and they often hire a specialist. Unlike many people may think, this position doesn’t mean you are on social media all day and posting random pictures. This professional can understand the difference of each social platform and develop relevant content: images, texts, videos, tags, podcasts, and also interacting with the public.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary of a social media manager is nearly $50.000 a year.

5 Digital Law Specialist

Innovation and technology also affect some of the most traditional careers on the market. Since the last decade, there is an increasing number of firms specialized in digital law all over the world. The challenges of this career evolve together with technology. According to Equities, the most common digital crimes are "pirating software, illegal file sharing sites, copyright infringement, creating viruses, stealing someone's identity, and hacking into networks or systems."

According to Econsultancy, the law market will also see some trends like virtual firms. It seems there will be more transformations in the digital law field than we can imagine.

4 App Developer

The first iPhone was on the market in 2007 and, since them, there was a revolution in the communication industry. In 2008, Apple had approximately 500 available, nothing compared to the 246 million apps available in 2019. According to Think Mobile, developing a basic app costs at least $10.000, but prices can go up to $500.000.

Unsurprisingly, app development is one of the most prominent careers in the tech industry, and there are many jobs available around the world. According to PayScale the annual salary of an app developer is nearly $70.000.

3 Uber Driver

Uber was created in 2014 and changed transportation around the world forever. According to Forbes, the company is worth $91.5 billion and became an income source for millions of people in several countries. Uber also inspired several similar apps, but no other is so valuable as Uber.

However, not everybody is happy about working for Uber. There are often protests of drivers asking for better work conditions. Until September 2019, Uber had 3.9 million drives registered in the app, and they define them as independent contractors, not as employees.

2 Telemedicine Physicians

Technology makes distance shorter even between doctors and patients. The telemedicine allows people to have remote access to health care services, using technology. According to the American Telemedicine Association, there are currently "200 telemedicine networks, with 3,500 service sites in the US."

It also brings up some controversies and there are many discussion regarding telemedicine regulations. According to the Texas Medical Board (TMB) for example, "those regulations prohibit the prescribing of drugs by a physician without an initial in-person visit and require physicians to establish a diagnosis through the use of acceptable medical practices that must be performed as part of a face-to-face or in-person evaluation."

1 Data Scientist

Since the late '60s, there are professionals responsible for collecting, cleaning and interpreting large data sets. However, it was just in the last decade that it became one of the most desirable careers in the tech industry. According to PayScale, a data scientist makes over $91.000 a year, but the income can go up to $161,000 depending on the specialty.

This professional is useful in almost every field. Data analysts are essential professionals for communication, health industry, agroindustry, food suppliers and the list goes on.

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