Juices Vs. Smoothies: Health Experts Reveal Which Is Healthier

Health experts have finally decided if a smoothie is healthier than juice.

There are many different debates throughout the health food community. Is dairy healthy, or the worst thing you can put into your body? Should you eat meat, or will it only make you unhealthier?  Which diet is the best way to lose weight- keto, Paleo, or another one entirely? These questions and many more have created plenty of heated debates between others. One more debate thrown into this mess is the question as to which is healthier to consume- juices or smoothies?

Thankfully, Muscle & Fitness has looked into each side to find a solid answer.


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Juices- from cold-pressed to otherwise- have taken more attention recently due to how healthy they look. After all, they're comprised of ground up fruits and vegetables, so they're full of many vitamins and antioxidants. But registered dieticians explain that that's not actually true. Juices are surprisingly low in fibre, and unsurprisingly, high in sugar. The latter can throw your liver in for a loop, causing fat storage and inflammation. Juices made by greens such as kale or spinach don't have fat that will help those vitamins and antioxidants be absorbed properly.

Smoothies are seen as superior to juices by registered dieticians because they typically contain more than just fruit and vegetables. A smoothie is made of a dairy or dairy-free component (i.e. milk or yogurt), nut butter, seeds (i.e. chia seeds, hemp seeds, etc.), and/or protein powder. Each mentioned component are healthy sources of protein, calcium, healthy fats, and many more healthy nutrients.

So, in the battle of juices versus smoothies, a majority of registered dieticians and health food experts agree that smoothies are much healthier than juices. Because they're made of more than just produce, they have more nutrients that aren't found in any juices. The extra ingredients in smoothies also make them more of a satisfying meal than a juice, which can pass through the human body with ease. So if you're looking for a new food idea to help lose weight or just to be healthier, buy or make yourself a tasty smoothie instead of juice. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.


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