Juice Cleanses Aren't That Helpful When Trying To Lose Weight

If eating unhealthy for a day or two (or even longer than that) has left you feeling disgusting, you might be wondering how to reset your body from all that junk food when the next day rolls around. The added benefit of losing weight is also enticing, making anyone want to get back onto a healthy kick. One of the most popular methods over the last few years has been doing a juice cleanse. But many still question whether you can lose weight on a juice cleanse.

According to POPSUGAR Fitness, juicing is the process of extracting liquid out of fresh fruits and vegetables with a juicer. The end result leaves behind most of the healthy fiber and antioxidants found within the produces' skins and seeds. Juices can contain just fruit or just vegetables, or have a mixture of both. You can make them from scratch, or buy juices from a grocery store or health food store.


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One big thing to remember though is that all juices aren't free from calories or nutritional content. Depending on the produce used, the calories in some juice concoctions can skyrocket and make them not as healthy as perceived. Another important point is that some vegetables and most fruits are high in carbohydrates and sugars. While such carbs and sugars are better for you than those found in unhealthier foods, consuming too much of that also isn't healthy.

While a juice cleanse may bring some benefits due to the vast amount of antioxidants that you'd consume, the cons still outweigh them. Experts have revealed that consuming nothing but juice creates what's known as high-fructose-loaded syrup.  Your body's insulin will increase, making you hungrier than before you started the cleanse, as well as the lack of protein in juices. In addition, those that do a juice cleanse tend to "reward" themselves by binging on food- unhealthy or otherwise. Any weight lost during a juice cleanse might not have even been much and is usually nothing more than water weight.

Simply put, doing a juice cleanse is similar to any other fad diet out there —  its benefits are short-lived, and maintaining it long-term is next to impossible. It serves as proof that it takes more than chugging juices to lose weight. Instead, committing to a life of healthy eating and working out is the tried-and-true method to getting in the best shape of your life.


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