John Cena Vs The Rock: Who Lives The Most Lavish Lifestyle In 20 Photos

Alright, I don't know why anyone really thought that this was much of a contest but it's time to put to rest this ridiculous notion that John Cena and The Rock are in competition for who lives the most lavish lifestyle. Now, they aren't actually competing against each other, but people are really interested in knowing just who is actually the man of the two with the most swag.

It's really not much of a contest. One of these guys is pretty much a poser who keeps getting into money troubles. And the other one is a superstar like he has been since he first took over the Nation of Domination back in the 90's. Yes, you've guessed right, I definitely have a biased opinion here. I think The Rock lives the most lavish life.

That being said, all you have to do is look at the facts below in order to make up your own mind as to which one of these two WWE superstars is actually the most lavish. Is it Cena with his really hot and taut fiance Nikki Bella? Or is it The Rock with his star on the Walk of Fame? Is it Cena with his Ford GT that he can't afford anymore? Or is it The Rock with his Pagani Huarya that cost twice as much and that he still drives?

20 Nikki Bella

Alright, I have to admit here that being with Nikki Bella does sort of ensure that you will end up living some sort of lavish life. It's not like she's a cheapskate of any sort. And it's not like she's hurting financially herself.

So, along with Cena's net worth they should be able to make a pretty decent go of things. And there's the obvious fact that Nikki Bella is pretty damn beautiful. It's hard not to enjoy a pretty rowdy lifestyle in that case. She's pretty damn fit too, being a wrestler and all. I would say that this is a pretty good start for Cena. However, there is some turmoil coming up in the Total Divas show where it seems Bella and Cena discuss staying together...but it was shot a while ago and they're still together now...so, we'll see.

19 The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Considering that Dwayne Johnson has actually done very little film in comparison to many other people who share stars with him on the Walk of Fame, he should feel pretty lucky that he gets to join the more than 2,000 other stars on this walkway. It's not even like he's done a ton of groundbreaking movies either.

Scorpion King was kind of awful (but did fit the era it was made in), and The Rundown was funny but nothing amazing. His kid's movies were cute. His Fast and Furious instalment was like every other Fast and Furious film except with him as a better actor. Moana is probably the best hit that he's been a part of. And Ballers is a hilarious show. But hey, that star shows that The Rock is a busy man juggling all sorts of work while taking in the glitz and glamour.

18 Booking Some Private Flights

It's not cheap to book a private flight to get from point A to point B. But hey, it's John Cena so why the hell not travel to the next wrestling gig in a private jet? I'm sure he and Nikki Bella have both made sure to join the Mile High Club at some point during their travels. If they haven't, then I really don't know what it is that they are waiting for.

Regardless, it's clear that Cena likes to take in the finer things in life like avoiding flying in economy class on a commercial airliner. That being said, he could easily just book first class, but instead, he goes further and gets a ride for just him, his lovely fiance Nikki Bella, and a photographer to snap photos where neither one of them look at all happy.

17 Owning Or Renting A G6

Never mind the leather backpack or the purple velvet jacket for a second here. You might notice the G6 with the red carpet at the base of the stairs...well, that's because The Rock is so important, he gets a red carpet treatment for having paid for this private jet.

Now, here's the thing...people aren't sure if The Rock owns or merely rents this jet. Either way, he uses the thing often and that is not cheap no matter which way you look at it. It's very different than occasionally booking a private flight. Holding onto a private jet as a rental, or actually owning one costs a ton! But why would The Rock care? He's got places to be and he needs to be there fast because he's always on the go with something, and so deserves to ride in style.

16 Ford GT

Man, oh, man...you have no idea how much I wish I had this car. The Ford GT is one sweet machine. The only problem is that it is a limited edition car, so you have to apply to be able to buy one. The people selected for purchase are usually famous to some extent so that Ford can get more publicity...oh, and it costs a whopping $500,000.

What's interesting about John Cena getting one of these cars is that once he bought it he realized that he could no longer afford it and sold the car in less than a year of purchase. Selling it so soon actually broke a contract he had with Ford so the motor company actually sued Cena. Pretty crazy stuff. But hey, you can't deny that Cena is still living it up. I mean, he still managed to get shots with the car and he drove it around for damn near a year!

15 Pagani Huarya

Alright, cards on the table here. I love the Ford GT. I think it's a pretty gorgeous car. I prefer a classic Mustang, but that's not the point. The point is...it doesn't matter that Cena dropped $500,000 on a car that it turned out he couldn't afford and had to get rid of pretty quickly. What matters is that The Rock went out of his way to pay over $1 million for this Pagani Huarya which is one hell of a car.

This Pagani is a custom build, no matter what. It is a made to order car, which means that you pay a set price as a minimum before you customize it. The starting price is one million. I'm not exactly sure what The Rock paid for the car, but it's at least that much. And he still drives it all over the place because he still owns it. I'm pretty sure it appears in Ballers more than once.

14 The House

The house in the above shot is the Florida home that John Cena and Nikki Bella live in. Cena used to have another mansion that he had to himself and whatever women he was with at the time but he gave that up to be with Nikki. This place is so swanky that when Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella came to visit, they had to get used to just how crazily lavish it all was. And that's saying quite a bit.

Sure Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella might not be as famous or wealthy as Cena and Bella but they are not poor by any stretch of the imagination. For both of them to be thrown by how ritzy the house was must really mean that Cena and Bella are living it up as best as they can. After all, they have fountains and a waterslide in the back of their place...that's pretty sweet.

13 Mansions All Over

Here is The Rock at one of his mansions. This one happens to be in Florida. Yes, I said one of his mansions. He has owned a ton of them and has probably sold over 10 of his mansions in his time. While he has this Florida place with its multi-layered pool in the backyard and a fully-fitted gym inside, he has several places around the world so that he's got places to stay when he travels.

So, Cena might be living it up in his big Florida home but Dwayne The Rock Johnson's Florida home is just one of the many swanky places he owns all over the place. He loves playing the real estate game. Buying places, changing them up and passing them again on the market so he can score a new place elsewhere. He likes to play with his money.

12 Worth $35 Million

Ok, try and ignore how ridiculous John Cena looks in this photo. Yes, he just won the Money In the Bank event but he can't be shocked...all of the matches are basically scripted anyway. The main point here, and the reason for the above photo is just where John Cena's money sits. I don't mean physically. I mean in regards to what his net worth is. It seems to be that John Cena is worth about $35 million!

That is a whopping amount of money that I don't think I would be able to lose very quickly. That being said, I don't live a lavish lifestyle. John Cena must though because, in spite of making so much bloody money, he seems to often be on the verge of going bust. There's only one way someone who makes that much coin can get so near to bust that quickly...they live it up as lavishly as they possibly can! Like buying cars and houses they can't actually afford...

11 Blue Velvet At The Oscars

You may have already heard about the story when the Best Picture Oscar was given to the wrong group last year and how The Rock thought he might have to decide if he should use his powers for good or evil. He made a hilarious video about it. But that's not even the point. The point is that The Rock was at the Oscars. He is so high profile now that he is announcing Oscar nominations.

Now, he wasn't himself nominated for his work in Moana last year, but the fact that he gets to show up to the Oscars at all in his custom, blue velvet suit is many miles ahead of anything Cena could do in the film business. Cena shot that one Marine movie for the WWE...and I think people decided not to hire him for much else after that.

10 A Muscle Car For A Muscle Man

Ok, you know what? The Buick GSX is a pretty sexy car. It might not have the power of a supercar, but that's because it's a muscle car. It's meant to be loud and fierce and it's meant to rule the road by looking like a boss. And this is not the only muscle car that Cena has. He has a fairly extensive collection of muscle cars. He has almost 20 of them.

They include some Mustangs, Camaros, the Plymouth Roadrunner, a Dodge Viper, a Dodge Charger, a Corvette (though technically not a muscle car), a Dodge Hemy Charger, a Cutlass Rallye 350, and an AMC Hornet. Then he has other cars that aren't quite as cool like the '84 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, the '89 Jeep Wrangler (though I have no idea why), and the '91 Lincoln Continental.

9 A Truck For Dad

Alright, it has to be said that it's definitely true that John Cena has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on his car collection. But do you want to know what is even more lavish when it comes to spending on vehicles? Doing what The Rock does. And what is that? Spending millions on his own cars, and then spending probably about a million, if not more, buying all sorts of trucks for daddy. It's a nice thing to do, considering his father grew up with nothing and it's nice to give back to the person that raised you.

Now, to be fair, this isn't The Rock living lavishly. This is him letting his dad live lavishly at his expense...and that's kind of a whole other level of lavish living.

8 The Overpriced Ring

"Nikki Bella’s ring appears to be a platinum channel set engagement ring with an ideal 3+ carat round cut diamond with exceptional colour and clarity..." This is what a jewelry expert said regarding Nikki Bella's engagement ring. If you want to talk about living a lavish life, how about proposing to your girlfriend in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania where all of your fans are watching, cheering you on as you place an over $75,000 ring onto your lover's finger?

I think that's a pretty lavish way to go about proposing to your sweetheart. No wonder Nikki Bella cried. She hadn't been in the ring in forever, I don't think she had ever really been in the ring much with Cena before then, nor really been involved in a Wrestlemania event at all. And yet there was her hubby blowing all his dough on her.

7 That Rolex He Dreamed Of

Dwayne Johnson had some pretty humble beginnings, though it was no surprise to anyone that he would end up wrestling for the WWE just like his father Rocky Maiavia had before him. And even at a very young age, The Rock had dreams of making it big. He always dreamt of having a Rolex of his very own. I don't know how that was childhood dream of his...but it was.

Well, when he was still in his first stint with the WWE, he went out of his way to make that dream a reality and he blew $35,000 on a watch. That's it. One single watch and he spent more than the cost of a basic Mustang on the market today. He could have bought at least two economy cars for that price...but he bought a watch! That's living it up, for sure.

6 Free Shows For The Troops

Say what you want about John Cena. He might be very annoying as a good guy. He might be too goody goody for most fans who aren't kids (or women who are swooning for him). But, in spite of all of that, he goes out of his way to do a lot of good for a lot of people.

Aside from his constant work with the Make A Wish Foundation, Cena takes time out of his busy schedule to do free shows for American troops. And he makes sure to do his part even outside of the United States. While the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were still in full swing, Cena made it part of his duty to fly out to meet the troops at the base at put on a show for them all...for free!

5 The Film Studio

The Rock recalls a story where once his football career had come to an end, he flew from somewhere in Canada (probably Toronto) to Miami. Once he stepped off the plane and went rummaging through his pockets he discovered that he only had seven bucks to his name. Obviously, that turned around pretty quickly for him. And there is every reason why it should have.

Either way, once he had the requisite coin and enough success he turned his attention from just starring in films to building a production company to share his vision with the world. That story of being damn near broke is what gave the company the name Seven Bucks Productions. Aside from some hilarious web videos, the production company is responsible for Baywatch, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, and the hit tv show Ballers.

4 Giving It All For 500,000 Fans

Alright, this is something I'm sure most of you can get on board with. John Cena and Nikki Bella promised their internet fans that if they ended up getting 500,000 followers they would take off all their clothes everyone. Now, the video they posted was pretty short and, of course, they didn't actually specifically show anything private but the lead up was enough to get a lot of people going. And there's something intriguing and pretty swanky about this star-studded power couple just jumping around in front of a camera like that, without it being a real tape.

Especially with the intent of turning on their fans and making them laugh at the same time. And it's a good way to boost popularity. It might not be the most lavish thing they've done, but it certainly helped them live a more lavish life with greater support.

3 The Presidential Bid

Alright, so to be fair here, we actually can't say for certain that The Rock will be throwing in his bid for the presidency in 2020 but he did say that it is a very real possibility. And it doesn't hurt that The Rock shot a hilarious video with Keegan-Michael Key (of Key And Peele fame) that set fans roaring about the possibility of having Dwayne The Rock Johnson as the next president of the United States.

And what would really make things interesting if he did run, is that he is actually a registered Republican...which I don't think many people suspect. It takes a lot of money to really make a good go at trying to be president but we're sure he could manage it. So, come on America...Let's make America Rock again!

2 The InCENArator

Right off the bat, I have to say one thing...this is the single weirdest name I've ever heard of for a car. Incinerator is fine. That sounds fierce and deadly. But give me a break...the InCENArator? Ugh. It makes me cringe just thinking the name in my head. But that's fine.

This is one of Cena's cars that I'm pretty sure he still owns. I'm not quite sure how much he spent on it but it looks like it could have cost more than the Ford GT...though I don't think it actually did. Basically, he started with a Corvette Chassis and handed it over to the Parker Brothers to design a car from the year 3000 (because that's how cool and progressive Cena is). And when I say Parker Brothers, I don't mean the guys who made the Monopoly board game.

1 Down On The Farm

In addition to his multi-million dollar mansions scattered about the place, The Rock happens to have a massive farm out in Charlottesville, Virginia. You might not expect The Rock to be a farm sort of guy but he's embraced it in a pretty lavish way. He has a former Olympian training thoroughbred horses on the property, he's getting a gym built somewhere on the land, he drinks Virginian moonshine while he's there on vacation, and he even has a lake on his property that he has stocked with bass.

He even has experts come in all the time to test the water, dish out live bait to keep the bass growing and feisty, and then he spends his time fishing and catching nothing between workouts and running around the farm in a Pikachu outfit. That's a pretty out-there lifestyle to me.

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