Jessica Biel Reveals Intense Pistol Squat Workout

Jessica Biel Reveals Intense Pistol Squat Workout

Jessica Biel has some serious glutes after we see her do a modified pistol squat workout.

Squats suck. Well, they’re great from the point of view of your doctor or personal trainer, but from a personal perspective, they’re the worst. You descend with your back straight and butt out like you’re trying to attract a peacock partner, and if you’re over 30 then your knees are probably popping like a popcorn kettle the entire time. And by the end of it your legs feel like jelly and your butt feels like it’s literally on fire.

So yeah, squats suck.

We’re not sure what Jessica Biel’s opinion on the matter is, but judging from her latest Instagram video, we’re thinking that she doesn’t hate them as much as most of us. In fact, it looks like she might be one of the few people to have tamed squats and made them her own.


Your first clue just might be how ridiculous her pistol squats are. Regular squats are hard enough, but moving on to one-legged squats is a feat that few people accomplish. It means carrying your entire body weight on an up-and-down journey on a single leg. Then there’s pistol squats, which are like one-legged squats, except you go all the way down so your butt is practically scraping the floor with your arms extended in front of you and hands clasped in a pistol pose (hence the name).

The pistol thing is optional though--you can just hold your hands out front.

Biel takes her pistol squatting to an entirely different level. First, she’s on a box and lowers herself down so her foot other foot is touching the ground. Second, she’s got a pair of 5 lb weights in her hands making her 10 lbs heavier during her descent.

She manages to do 9 reps before finally calling it quits and closing with a little dance number plus bicep curl.

“Hey, Emmy, my butt is coming for you. (Assuming I can walk after these pistol squats),” she wrote. It’s almost certain most of us would be screaming after even doing one of those squats.

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