Jennifer Lopez Skipped The Oscars For Noble Reason

Jennifer Lopez Skipped The Oscars For Noble Reason

Jennifer Lopez was a no-show at the 90th Annual Academy Awards for a noble reason.

If there’s one celeb that people look forward to seeing on the red carpet every Oscar season, it’s Jennifer Lopez. The former American Idol judge is known to appear with some of the most dazzling dresses that soak up camera flashes like spilled red wine. But this year, JLo and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez were nowhere to be seen.

Jennifer herself even acknowledged her absence by posting on Instagram her 2016 Oscar appearance where she wore a flowing champagne-colored dress--considered to be one of her better ensembles.

But both she and Rodriguez had a good reason for not appearing at the Oscars this year. They were instead helping disadvantaged urban teens make smart business and financial choices.

Although it should be noted that avoiding the Oscars is not a great financial choice. The Oscar takeaway bags can sometimes contain enough products to be worth thousands of dollars, and the winner that gave the shortest acceptance speech even walked away with a jet ski this year.


But given that disadvantaged urban youth aren’t always being invited to the Oscars, it’s good for JLo to hang out in the Bronx to discuss financial literacy.

The event was hosted by Project Destined, a nonprofit organization that “promote financial literacy, leadership development and access to mentorship opportunities, yielding increased competitiveness of urban youth.” Lopez met with 50 youths and spoke with all of them about her life’s experiences and growing up in the same neighborhood as they are.


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"So today I spent the day in the Bronx at Yankee stadium with a very special group of people for a very impactful project called @projectdestined,” the singer slash actress wrote on her Instagram. “The project teaches financial literacy to children in neighborhoods like I grew up in... so people from Harvard business school teach and mentor these kids on how to buy and own real estate and by the end of the program they own a part of a building in their own community in which the profits they make go toward their college educations.”

So kudos to JLo for rubbing elbows that are significantly less branded than those found at the Oscars. Hopefully, her fans appreciate the change in Sunday plans as much as those kids did.


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