10 Best High End Jazz Bars In Canada That Are Actually Worth Going To

There is nothing better than hitting the town and finding a great spot to unwind at. Whether you are looking for a lively spot to get up and dance or chill out with a glass of wine, some of these spots have it all. Millions of people love jazz music and going to a club that is dedicated to this type of music is great.

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Canada has great hidden gems as well as famous and popular spots to listen to some jazz tunes. You can spot some recognizable acts or discover new local talent the next time you visit one of the 10 best high-end jazz bars in Canada that are actually worth going to...

10 Reservoir Lounge (Toronto)

If you are looking for an amazing place with a nighttime flair and some of the best jazz, the Reservoir Lounge is for you. They are open Tuesday to Saturday and host live bands every night. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, they play Canadian Jazz and Swing. Friday nights are for Rhythm and Blues sounds coming from a seven-piece band. One famous celebrity who used to play there when they were unknown was Michael Bublé. If you are in the Toronto area, swing by and experience all that the Reservoir Lounge has to offer!

9 Jazz Bistro (Toronto)

Jazz Bistro is an elegant and sophisticated jazz bar in Toronto. This bistro combines fine dining and live performances of all types of jazz. There is a different performer every night of the week offering a variety of music styles. You can catch special guest trombonists, jazz jam sessions or solo acts on a regular basis. You can enjoy a glass of wine at the bar or sit down to a full meal. The average meal cost is roughly $30-$35 per plate. It is well worth the cost and you are guaranteed to have a good time with some great sounds.

8 The Orbit Room (Toronto)

This jazz club was actually founded by the guitarist for the band Rush, Alex Lifeson, and Tim Notter. They have a variety of styles of music every night of the week and do not only play jazz. Some nights you can catch R&B performances or rock and roll. Orbit Room prides itself on their top jazz performer Jordan John.

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He sings, plays drums, keyboard, guitar, and bass. His musical style includes traditional based blues, soul rhythm and blues and contemporary sounds. The Sattalites are another popular band that plays there are. The group is composed of seven members who play almost every instrument there is. This is definitely a place to be wow-ed.

7 Upstairs (Montréal)

Upstairs Jazz club is one of the most well-known jazz clubs in glorious Montreal. They have been open for almost 25 years and have tons of fans. It is one of those places that all musicians from the city know and want to play at. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they showcase students from McGill University's Schulich School of Music. Every night a different type of jazz is played ranging from Flamenco inspired music with jazz accents to drum solos and heavy blues. The inside has a cozy feel to it with wood, stone walls, and linen-covered tables. Whether you want to get dressed up and make it a fancy evening or simply unwind to some great tunes, this is the place to do it.

6 The Rex (Toronto)

The Rex Hotel Jazz & Blues Bar is a huge has grown into a massive business. They are located in the heart of downtown Toronto, specifically on Queen Street. They have won countless awards for their establishment including the Downbeat Great Jazz Venue in 2011. Today the hotel hosts world-renowned musicians and they are always packed. You can expect to pay under $20 for menu items. The fact that they are very inexpensive and have a diverse musician list keeps their customers happy. We look forward to all of the great music that can be heard coming from The Rex!

5 Hugh's Room (Toronto)

Hugh's Room provides dinner and a show. There is a range of local and international artists playing everything folk, jazz, and blues. There are acts scheduled way in advance and from all parts of the world. Some popular performances include Dr. Mike Daley Presents: The Aretha Franklin Story and The Last Waltz: A Musical Celebration of the Band.

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You can enjoy some fine dining while watching the performances. The meals are around $30 per plate serving up food items like cornish hen and beef tenderloin. Hugh's Room is well-liked and serves a full house almost every single night, it is a must-see.

4 Diese Onze Live Jazz Bar (Montreal)

This place has been open since 2007 and is a favorite for the locals of Montreal. It is in a basement and emits a very cozy and intimate environment. The club plays two shows every single day and the music encompasses all types of jazz. There is a big piano at the center of the stage and instruments all around. You can catch trios including vocals, piano, and upright bass. If you enjoy a more upbeat and lively atmosphere, you have to check out Latin Mondays. For certain events, there is a cover charge but it will not be more than roughly $20. This place is a definite must-see.

3 Hermann's Jazz Club (Victoria)

It seems like British Columbia is the province that is home to some of the greatest clubs around. Hermann's Jazz Club has locals and tourists flocking to their doors on a regular basis. The prices are low, you can expect to pay less than $20 for their menu items. For special events there is a cover charge that is usually around $20. You can enjoy a variety of musicians who play everything from blues to soul jazz. If you want to have a great time and listen to some great performances, this place is for you.

2 Frankie's Jazz Club (Vancouver)

This club plays not only jazz but blues as well. They serve Italian food and guests come to relax and enjoy the sounds. They have regular shows and tickets are usually sold for about $10-$20. The musicians come from all over the world and from every race and age.

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You can check out great vocalists or bands that specialize in the blues. The place is cozy with dim lighting and has a list of great artists. They are definitely worthy of all the jazz club awards they have received including the 2017 golden plate winner.

1 House of Jazz (Montréal)

House of Jazz in Montreal is one of the most beautiful clubs you will ever step into. The decor alone will make your jaw drop. Their big, beautiful chandeliers cover the ceiling and they have comfortable leather booths. It is an amazing experience to go to this unique place. They have a great menu with items like lamb shanks and Cajun flavors. This place is a bit more pricey with menu items costing around $30 to $40 per plate. You can expect to hear everything from Chicago style of jazz performances to R&B inspired vocals. It is definitely a place to experience at least once in your life.

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