Life Hack: Put Ice Cubes In Dryer Instead Of Ironing Clothes

Ironing clothes is the worst. If you are not any good at it, then your clothes can end up looking worse than before you started ironing them.

Thankfully, there is a new trick that is going to solve all of those dreaded ironing problems. Oh yes, according to an MSN report, one little hack involving ice cubes and your dryer will make it, so you never have to iron again. The report indicates that by placing two or three ice cubes in the dryer and setting the heat on high for just a few minutes, your clothes will come out wrinkle-free.


It sounds crazy but based on MSN's findings by placing the ice cubes in the dryer, when the clothes are mainly dry, it will essentially steam the wrinkles out of all garments. Think about it. The ice cubes will melt into water because of the high heat and that will turn into steam. Therefore, you have created a steam machine inside the dryer, resulting in wrinkle-free pieces of clothing the second they are pulled from the dryer.

The steam in the dryer will take the place of the iron. However, if you want to make sure this hack works correctly there are a couple of rules to follow. First, it only makes sense to do the trick if you are going to wear the pieces of clothing or hang them up. Folding them and putting them away will defeat the purpose of the steam because they will get wrinkled again.

Next, it is essential that the dryer is not stuffed full of clothes. The hack works best when there is a small number of clothes in the dryer. Perhaps a good idea is only to have the clothes you want to be ironed in there.

The hack can be used at any time it doesn't have to be done as you are doing laundry. If you are in a hurry throw the clothes you want to be ironed in the dryer, add a couple of ice cubes and let it steam for a few minutes. It is a pretty good time saver.

What do you think about the ice cube in the dryer hack instead of ironing clothes? Will you try it?


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