New Hybrid Yoga Weight Class Comes With Amazing Body Benefits

Yoga has long been thought of as an easy, relaxing workout. However, there is a new hybrid yoga weight class that is going to have you rethinking how you view yoga. It takes the exercise to a whole new, challenging level.

CorePower Yoga currently offers this hybrid class, which starts like any other yoga class focusing on breathing. However, it quickly changes. The class is conducted with 10 and 5-pound dumbbells, a rubber block, towels and of course a yoga mat. Oh yes, weights aren't usually a part of yoga, so you can only imagine what is going to happen.


Yoga Sculpt is the official name of this class, exclusively offered at CorePower Yoga. It combines a mix of a hybrid free weight workout and vinyasa flow yoga. Both cardio and strength exercises are included in the unique class. Oh, and some heat, as well as some fabulous music, are thrown in just to keep patrons on their toes. There is nothing quiet about this yoga class.

There is a method to the madness of Yoga Sculpt. Heather Peterson, chief yoga officer of CorePower Yoga recently spoke with Men's Health sharing some insight behind the unique workout. It is simple. They took an ancient practice but added modern exercise to make it more difficult. The cardio raises your heart rate, while the weights build muscle and the music is there exert people more.

Via Men's Health

After a no hold bar workout, Yoga Sculpt does get back to the basics at the end. There is a bit of rest at the end where patrons are encouraged to take care of themselves. It helps remind those in the class of the mental aspect to yoga, as well as for those class-goers to know they should recognize what they just accomplished.

CorePower Yoga has studios all over the country so if the new hybrid yoga class has intrigued you, check to see if there is a location where you live. Remember though, it is not for the faint of heart. You will leave a sweaty mess and likely not as relaxed as you would be in a regular yoga class. However, it does sound more interesting than everyday old yoga, don't you think?


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