Report Reveals How Healthy Dried Fruit Really Is

Fruit is arguably one of the healthiest foods you can consume, but it has some drawbacks. Some produce has to be peeled, some, like oranges, are extremely messy to consume on the go, and they don't have a long shelf life — meaning that if it's forgotten, it'll have to be thrown out. But dried fruit is an alternative that's good to look into. After all, it's packaged in containers or bags to grab and munch on and has a longer shelf life than its fresher sibling. So it should be a healthy choice to eat.

Dried fruit is far different from fresh fruit, according to Women's Health. The biggest difference comes from their calorie content. While fruit is known to be relatively low in calories, dried fruit is notorious for being much higher. Healthline explains that this is due to the removal of water that creates dried fruit in the first place. This is why dried fruit is so calorie dense, and therefore should be consumed carefully.


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It's not just the calorie content that becomes concentrated in dried fruit, though. Antioxidants and nutrients such as fiber and even sugar are also affected. Too much fiber or sugar consumption can negatively impact your body. There's also one more thing to look for — sulfites, a preserve in dried fruit that can also wreak havoc on your health.

Because of this, the recommended serving size for dried fruit is far smaller than the recommended serving of fresh fruit. While fresh fruit can usually be consumed in large quantities, dried fruit consumption is usually reduced to about a quarter of its fresh counterpart. So consuming a serving of dried fruit will likely not curb your hunger than if you were to consume a serving of fresh fruit.

That's not to suggest that dried fruit should be avoided at all costs, though. Health experts recommend that when eating dried fruit, you should drink plenty of water to combat the high fiber content that could otherwise cause constipation. To keep your serving sizes in check, distribute dried fruit amongst several containers or bags to prevent from overeating in one sitting. Finally, it's recommended to consume dried fruit with a high protein product such as nuts to make it more filling. It will help assist you in incorporating dried fruit into a healthy diet without completely cutting it out of your life.


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