10 Of Hollywood's Richest Kids On Instagram

Being a child of a celebrity puts you in a whole new realm. They don’t always have their fame and money, but by default, they have a status to uphold. It used to be that having a celebrity parent was a bit of a burden. However, this generation has fully embraced their status and is even using it to their advantage. They have used their status and made it into a career. Many of the celeb kids on this list are now stars of reality TV shows, making music, models, actors, designers you name it. They seem to have their hands in everything. Essentially, they are trying to come up out of their parent’s shadow, and we are here for it.

10 Reginae Carter

Reginae Carter is the only child from Toya Wright and rapper Lil’ Wayne. She has quickly carved a name out for herself and not only on her Instagram. The 20-year-old us an author with 2 fiction novels to her name, she dabbled in music as a teenager and she is now an actress.

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Her first film is debuting this year and it is a remake of Pride & Prejudice. The film is titled Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta. Reginae has 4.2 million followers on her Instagram page so really she could making a living off of ads and be sitting pretty. However, we love the direction she is taking her career in.

9 Quincy Brown

Sean “Diddy” Combs has 6 kids and they are all way too cute for life. But his stand out child (so far) is his step-son, Quincy. Quincy is the child of Diddy’s ex Kim Porter and musician Al B Sure. He has 4.4 million followers on Instagram but that is the least claim to his fame. He is a full-blown actor appearing in the Fox show Star, the breakout movie Dope and appearing on magazine covers like GQ and Vogue. The 28-year-old has a bright future and has proven his talents to many. As the oldest of the Diddy siblings, he is a great role model to follow.

8 Willow & Jaden Smith

If you don’t know the children of Will and Jada Smith than you have to be living under a rock. Whether you like them or not you cannot deny that the siblings are some of the most eccentric in Hollywood today. To be so young and so open-minded that is a testament to who their parents are.

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They are both making their own money. Acting, singing/rapping, designing is there anything these two aren’t doing? Willow is the stand out of the kids because of her honesty on Jada’s popular show Red Table Talk has us looking at her in a whole new light. All the Smith kids are a success in our eyes.

7 Lily-Rose Depp

Johnny Depp and model Vanessa Paradis sure made some beautiful kids. Their eldest daughter Lily-Rose Depp has been making the rounds in the modeling world and why shouldn’t she? She has her model mother’s looks and is currently signed with a huge modeling agency. Her Instagram account has over 4 million followers and she is chummy with a few other celebrity kids. Thanks to her mother she speaks French and let’s be honest, she looks like a beautiful Parisian model. Besides her huge career, she has managed to keep most of her private life private. Thankfully, her dad has enough drama for the entire family.

6 Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is actually more popular than her parents were in their day. She has forged a career for herself that is quite envious. Currently, she is killing it as Bonnie on Big Little Lies but she has appeared in Blockbuster hits like the X-Men reboot.

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She has millions of followers on Instagram. Kravitz doesn’t only have her parent’s inheritance to look forward to, in fact, she may not even need it seeing as she is probably making more than both of them combined at this point.

5 Miley Cyrus

People often forget that Miley Cyrus is the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus. Her career has reached a height that not many celebrity kids careers have hit. Cyrus is very open about her life on her Instagram and she isn’t shy to post a thing or two that may come off as controversial. Every time Cyrus does anything good or bad her followers increase. Lately, she’s been on her best behavior we can only chalk that up to being happy in her married life. Her plate is so full with appearances on the new season of Black Mirror, a new single out and being a wife.

4 Sailor Brinkley Cook

Sailor Brinkley Cook is the daughter of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook. She is a model like her mama signed to IMG Models like many other children of celebrities. However, Sailor is doing something not all of them do.

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In addition to modeling, she is also a student at Parsons School of Design majoring in photography. Maybe one day she will be a top photographer instead of a top model like her mom. She has nowhere near a million followers yet but we have no doubt that soon enough she will get there.

3 Sofia Richie

Sofia Richie has been pushing boundaries lately by being the girlfriend of Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy. He is a whole 15 years older than the 19-year old model. Her father Lionel Richie is assuming it is a phase but we have to wonder how far it will go. She has been modeling since the age of 14 and makes her living off of that and of course gets endorsements just for being the child of a celebrity. Sofia has over 4 million Instagram followers and her modeling gigs are with a few big name designer warehouses like Givenchy and Quay Australia.

2 Lourdes Leon

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes certainly is not hurt for money. She had her own fashion line at age 14 called Material Girl (after one of her mom’s hit songs), she is a model working with design houses like Miu Miu and Jean Paul Gaultier. She is on and off when it comes to social media but even when she is off her mom loves to brag about her extremely successful daughter. The now 22-year-old has finished studying at Michigan University in their school of music, theatre and dance. She is on the shy side, unlike her mother who revels in the attention she gets from her fame.

1 Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson has 3.5 million followers on her Instagram account. She is very vocal about her passions and oh yeah, she is Michael Jackson’s only daughter. Paris is working on an acting career and in the meantime, her fame has come from being Michael Jackson’s daughter, the drama surrounding her famous family and some of her own questionable stunts after her father’s passing. She is also working on a music career and is a band called The Soundflowers with her significant other.

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