Heinz Releases A New Product Just In Time For Valentine's Day: Ketchup Caviar

The fine folks at Heinz who previously brought you "Mayochup" (yep, that's mayonnaise and ketchup together in one bottle) have recently announced the release of a limited edition new product - Ketchup Caviar, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Vegetarians and vegans, rest easy. Heinz has not hurt any sea animals by manufacturing this new culinary invention. That's because Ketchup Caviar is not actually ketchup-infused fish eggs or anything of the sort - just ketchup in caviar-shaped balls!

If the way to your sweetie's heart is through his or her stomach (specifically with food that requires ketchup), consider fancying up their fries with a limited edition jar of Heinz Ketchup Caviar. For those who aren't educated in a ketchup-like way, know that all tomato-based condiments are not created equal. Just like maple syrup, batches of ketchup are graded and classified. This means that "fancy ketchup" has already existed for many years but for those who feel that squeezing their tomato paste food enhancement product out of a packet or plastic bottle just won't do, curiously bright red ketchup balls out of a glass jar may be just what Cupid ordered.



According to Today, Heinz created a new promotion called "ValenHEINZ to remember" which includes the release of 150 jars of tiny ketchup balls to those lucky enough to win them via Twitter and the company's sweepstakes. For those worried about taste, Heinz has assured ketchup fans that Ketchup Caviar will taste just like the company's regular ketchup. The only difference is the fine and fancy packaging and cool spherical shape.

In fact, the company hired chefs who are experts in working with actual caviar in order to ensure that the limited edition ketchup balls look like the real deal and although Ketchup Caviar is very classy-looking, it can be used the same way that liquid ketchup is used so no need to acquire extra fancy food to enjoy along with Ketchup Caviar, unless of course, you'd like to.



If your ValenHEINZ Day won't be complete without Ketchup Caviar this year, be sure to drop by Heinz Ketchup's Twitter account soon because the sweepstakes started yesterday, Jan. 24 and only runs through Jan. 28. Several Twitter users have already tweeted about their desire for Ketchup Caviar using the hashtags #HeinzKetchupCaviar#Sweeps.

Twitter user @jasondong4 wrote, "OMG I NEEEEEEDDD!!! Bless up." Several others posted similar statements about their excitement for the fancy new product and about their love of Heinz ketchup in general.

But it was perhaps Twitter user @DFiveOhio who has been the most passionate about his enthusiasm for Ketchup Caviar so far with the following tweet, "I will cross an ocean of slightly charred Hot Dogs and walk barefoot on a beach on toasted Hamburger buns and defeat a Pickle dragon for a chance to put these delicious pearls of flavor in my mouth."

What do you think about celebrating ValenHEINZ day with a jar of Ketchup Caviar? Would you feel silly or regal dressing up your Tater Tots with Ketchup Caviar? Let us know in the comments!

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