Happy Wife, Happy Life: 15 Times Kanye Broke The Bank To Spoil Kim

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are truly meant for each other. There is no celebrity couple that can claim they are soulmates—like Kim and Kanye. No two soulmates love to spend money on each other as much as they do. Kim is best known for appearing on the reality series Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The Grammy Award-winning Kanye has released several critically and commercially-acclaimed albums. Kanye and Kim are known for living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. They love fancy and expensive clothing, jewelry, and other toys. They were both like this long before they ever met each other. Additionally, they’ve been stirring up controversy for years (before they even started dating). Once they got together, their lives became even more lavish and extravagant.

Kim and Kanye are known for buying each other expensive gifts that the average person could only dream of. Kim has bought her fair share of impressive gifts for her husband but Kanye always goes above and beyond. He has purchased her a great deal of expensive jewelry and other incredible presents. The gifts are so outrageously expensive that it’s no wonder why Kim and Kanye are soulmates. Here is a look at Kim Kardashian’s $3.5 Million Engagement Ring (And 14 Other Gifts From Kanye We Could Never Afford).

15 $35,000 Cartier Panther Bracelet


In 2012, Kanye and Kim’s relationship made headlines all over the world. It’s always exciting to celebrate birthdays in a brand new relationship, especially that first one. However, if you’re Kim and Kanye, even that is done in grandiose fashion. At the time, Kanye was just Kim’s boyfriend and it was early in the relationship, but that wouldn’t stop Kanye from going all out. For Kim’s 32nd birthday,

Kanye took her on a trip to Florence, Italy. For most couples, the trip to Italy would be the amazing present but that was just the appetizer for Kim. Kanye gave Kim a magnificent $35,000 Cartier panther bracelet.

Kim loves the bracelet and wrote, “He (Kanye) got me that Cartier panther bracelet that I cherish and I'm obsessed with.” He would soon add to her stellar collection.

14 Persian Cat


Kanye doesn’t need a major holiday or an anniversary as a reason to lavish his wife with presents. The famous couple began dating in April of 2012 after being good friends for years. Kanye just couldn’t wait to start spoiling the Queen of reality TV. Later in 2012, Kanye gave Kim an adorable Teacup Persian Kitten.

Kim immediately fell in love with the $800 cat and named her Mercy after the Kanye West song of the same name.

Kim adored Mercy but was forced to give her up. She soon discovered that she is allergic to cats and gave Mercy to sister Khole Kardasian’s assistant, Sydney Hitchcock. Unfortunately, Mercy died not too long after Kim gave her up. Kim was devastated over the death, and Kanye has stuck to fancy jewelry ever since.

13 A Wall Of Flowers


Kim Kardashian gave birth to their first child and daughter, North, in June of 2013. In 2014, Kim celebrated her first Mother’s Day, and Kanye made sure it was unforgettable. As Kim noted on Instagram, she woke up to an awe-inspiring wall of flowers, which included peonies, hydrangeas, and roses.

The wall of flowers cost Kanye roughly $136,000.

Kim loved her first Mother’s Day surprise and wrote, “You have to see this 3 dimensionally! Best 1st Mothers Day ever!!!” They have since had two more children together. In December of 2015, Kim gave birth to their son, Saint, and in January of 2018, their second daughter, Chicago, was born using a surrogate.

12 150 Christmas Gifts


Every Christmas, Kanye spoils Kim with more and more extravagant gifts. Each year, he raises the bar like never before, and it seems impossible that he could ever beat his previous gifts. In 2015, Kanye gave Kim 150 Christmas gifts with each one more expensive than the last. Kanye sent his assistant to Italy, and he did his Christmas shopping via Skype. Kim streamed the gift opening online, showing off her many presents.

The gifts included a $39,000 multi-colored fur coat, a Louis Vuitton dress, and a Prada jumpsuit.

He also bought her a rack of fur coats, which included two matching black mink coats for Kim and daughter North. To be fair, Kim did buy him an impressive gift as well that year—she bought him a silver Can-Am Spyder bike.

11 $73,000 Cartier Panther Bracelet


Without a doubt, the biggest day of the year for love and romance is Valentine’s Day. For Kanye West, it’s his Super Bowl and Oscars all rolled into one. It’s the day he is preparing for all year long, and he never disappoints his lovely wife. It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves expensive bracelets, and Kanye loves buying them for her. Their first Valentine’s Day together was in February of 2013. Kanye bought her an insanely expensive and extravagant gift.

He bought her a second Cartier panther bracelet, although this bracelet is worth far more than the first. It costs roughly between $68,000 and $73,000.

The design of this bracelet is also different than the first. This bracelet is diamond-encrusted with an onyx nose, emerald eyes, a black cuff, and white gold trim.

10 $40,000 Hermès Bag

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Christmas 2013 was a big one for Kim and Kanye because it was their last one before getting married. They married in May of 2014 in typical Kanye and Kim fashion. In other words, it wasn’t cheap. They married in a private ceremony with family and close friends in Florence, Italy. When they celebrated Christmas months earlier, Kanye bought her an extravagant gift (as he always does). However, this was just the beginning of his incredible Christmas gifts. Kim loves her lavish purses, and Kanye certainly knows this.

He bought her a posh $40,000 Hermès bag but that wasn’t enough. He had the bag painted by renowned artist George Condo.

Condo had done the artwork for Kanye’s album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It’s done in Condo’s signature style, depicting three bare women and a masked man.

9 Home Spa

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When it comes to his career, Kanye is always trying to top what he previously did. He is known to experiment and take risks with his music. He has sold over 32 million albums, making him one of the bestselling artists in the world. Despite being known for his large ego, he is also very driven and creative. He brings that same attitude when buying Kim her many expensive gifts. Kim’s birthday celebration isn’t just one day but lasts the entire month of October.

In 2013, one of her many presents included a state-of-the-art built-in home spa.

The spa includes a massage room, a salt-water whirlpool, an organic aromatherapy stream room, and two infrared sauna rooms with rose quartz and Himalayan salt. Additionally, the spa included a Japanese-style meditation room.

8 One Thousand Red Roses 


The go-to gift for every guy on Valentine’s Day is a single red rose. It’s a simple and romantic gift that is popular with most ladies. However, Kim isn’t a typical lady, and Kanye doesn’t do anything simple. For Valentine’s Day in 2014, Kanye was on the road for his Yeezus tour. Kim and daughter North flew out to join him at one of his performances in Baltimore. Kim and Kanye never let work get in the way of celebrating their love. Besides, Kanye never misses the chance to lavish her with gifts.

Kanye did more than just give her a single red rose—he took it up a notch by giving his wife one thousand red roses,

literally. Kim promptly took a pic with the roses and showed it off on Instagram.

7 $65,000 Bracelets


Kanye West never needs a reason to give Kim a gift, especially when she was pregnant. He would just buy her presents from time to time just for the fun of it. The only thing Kim loves more than Kanye buying her gifts is when he takes her on a shopping spree in France. In 2013, while pregnant with their first child, Kanye took Kim to the Cartier store in Paris.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kanye bought her five bracelets, which she quickly showed off on Instagram.

He bought her the $34,650 Cartier Juste un Clou, a $9,400 yellow gold Cartier Love Bracelet with diamonds, a Cartier Panther Bracelet, and two animal print bracelets. The total price for the five impressive bracelets was a reported $65,000.

6 $1,000 Portrait


Kim and Kanye garner a great deal of attention from fans and the media. Both stars have been in high-profile relationships before but nothing to the magnitude of this relationship. Kanye has bought his gorgeous wife so many lavish and expensive gifts that the media starts to believe everything they hear. In 2014, rumors were swirling that Kanye gave Kim a very interesting and intimate wedding gift. Reportedly, he paid street artist Bambi to paint a topless portrait of Kim, which cost roughly $1,000. It was never confirmed but it just seems like a gift Kanye would give his then-new wife. There was also speculation that they plan to hang the exotic painting in their bedroom. However, Kanye and Kim deny the existence of the painting and that Kanye ever paid for it.

5 $1-Million Diamond Choker


In 2015, Kim Kardashian posted a push present wish list to her website. She wanted to mark the birth of her second child, Saint, and felt that a diamond choker would be ideal. She had a specific diamond choker in mind and at the very top of her list. She had wanted one since wearing a similar choker to a gala years ago. She said,

“I like the idea of a push present — after nine months of pregnancy, it’s a sweet and well-deserved thank you.”

Kanye granted her that wish when he bought her a $1-million Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker. In 2016, the famous couple attended Kim’s friends’ wedding, and she was seen wearing the expensive choker. She showed off the extravagant jewelry on Instagram and Twitter.

4 $20,000 Hermès Purse Hand-Painted By North


Each year, Kim’s birthday has become a bigger and more majestic event. Kanye spares no expense to ensure that the love of his life has the most memorable day possible. In 2014, Kanye went all out for Kim’s birthday that year. He did have some help when it came to one of Kim’s expensive gifts.

First, Kanye took Kim on a surprise vacation to Hawaii.

For most guys, that’s all they could afford to give their soulmate. However, that wasn’t all Kanye gave Kim for her 34th birthday. Kanye purchased her an impressive $20,000 Hermès bag. He also had a very special little artist assist him in giving the purse a unique design. Kanye allowed his then one-year-old daughter, North, to hand-paint the glorious bag using various bright colors.

3 Mother’s Day 2015

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Kim and Kanye don’t even have to be in the same country for Kanye to spoil Kim on her special day. Turns out that Kim has many special days but one of the most important is Mother’s Day. In 2015, Kim was pregnant and gave birth to their son by the end of the year. For Mother’s Day, she was in Brazil, pregnant on business without Kanye and North. However, not even a little distance could stop Kanye.

He surprised her by having thousands of white roses delivered to her room. Later, Kim went to a restaurant in São Paulo, and Kanye surprised her again. He had a string quartet waiting for her singing Sam Smith songs.

Each waiter that brought her food said, “This is from Mr. West for the best mother in the world!”

2 $3.5 Million Engagement Ring

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West became engaged in October of 2013. Their engagement made news all over the world. Kanye does everything in grand and spectacular fashion.

When Kanye proposed, he gave her an extravagant 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring worth roughly $1.5 million.

It’s a gorgeous ring that she loved to show off but Kanye wasn’t done. In September 2016, Kanye gave her a second dazzling engagement ring. This lavish diamond ring is similar to the first one but is bigger. The second ring is also Lorraine Schwartz but it’s a 20-carat diamond ring worth between $3.5 million - $4.5 million. To be clear, he did not buy her a replacement ring but in fact, bought her a second ring for the other hand. Unfortunately, the ring was stolen when Kim was robbed at gunpoint in October of 2016.

1 $200,000 Worth Of Stocks


Kanye is always finding a reason to spoil his world-famous wife, Kim. He buys her a gift for every occasion but at Christmas time, he really shines. It must be a bit difficult trying to top himself but Kanye always manages to do so. In December of 2017,

Kanye bought Kim several stocks in major companies worth over $200,000 for one of her many Christmas gifts.

He bought her stocks in The Walt Disney Company, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Adidas. He bought her 920 shares of Disney and 995 shares in Adidas. She didn’t reveal the rest but it’s easy to see a pattern here. He disguised the stocks in a small box that included a Mickey Mouse toy, Adidas socks, Apple headphones, and Netflix and Amazon gift cards. That’s already an impressive gift without the $200,000 worth of stocks.

Sources: Elle

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