Use These Hacks To Reduce Screen Time

Too much screen time is not good for people — physically or mentally. Doing a detox is a great idea, but it is only a short-term solution. If you really want to reduce your screen time, here are some hacks that can help you.

According to PopSugar, one hack that will benefit you in many ways is exercising! Go to the gym, take a class, do yoga, or even go for a walk. Get moving, so you are not staring at a screen. Side note, using an app will not help with reducing your screen time, you have to get out of your house.


Read a book, a real one — not one you downloaded. Not only will reading a book help relax you at night, but it is also a great way to escape to another world. As a bonus, you could even get a library card to check out books, which is also helping your city. It is a win-win!

Instead of texting or sending an email, which can be more comfortable, pick up your phone and call the person. Have a good old-fashioned chat on the phone. It doesn't have to be a long conversation, but instead of texting your friend to make plans, call him or her. By calling you might even improve your relationship with people, especially those who matter to you the most.

Another useful tip is to get the bullet journal— a creative calendar that is customized for your specific need—isnstead of putting your appointments in your phone. This could also be a great way to tap into your more creative side.

Finally, listen to a podcast instead of watching TV or watching videos. Yes, you are still using technology, but you can give your eyes a rest. In fact, you can close your eyes as you listen making the experience even more relaxing. Plus, there is a podcast for everything these days, so it is likely you will never run out of choices.


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Use These Hacks To Reduce Screen Time