The 10 Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold At Auction

Let’s be honest, a fair number of the guns out there are extremely cool. There are so many models out there that a new enthusiast will be overwhelmed, just by the calibers alone. But what about the ones that sell for a huge amount, and definitely come with something you wouldn’t find at your local gun store? In this list, we’ll cover the 10 most expensive guns ever sold at an auction. These guns have a lot of history, being carried by dictators, outlaws, and even presidents. This list is full of guns that have seen major points in history.

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10 Hitler’s Golden Gun ($114K)

“The Fuhrer's Golden Gun.” This gun was rumored to have been given to Hitler on his 50th birthday by a member of the Walther family. It is a golden inlaid Walther PP and makes our list as the 10th most expensive gun sold at an auction.

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This is the famous gun that Hitler is believed to have committed suicide with as the Allies were closing in on the Nazi Regime. The gun was sold in 1987 to a buyer that remains anonymous, and if it were to see the auction again, its price could easily reach the high millions.

9 Wyatt Earp’s Colt .45 Revolver ($225K)

If you’re a fan of the old west, then there is no doubt you’ve heard this name before. This gun belonged to one of the toughest U.S Marshalls in history, and its owner was known to be a renaissance man when it came to making a profit off of various businesses. The gun has been passed down from generation to generation in the Earp family, and it’s thought that this gun was used in the infamous OK Corral Shootout, one of Earp's most defining moments as a marshall. This is a gun that will most likely never reach the auctions again, but if it were, it could bring in at least 10x what it was originally sold for.

8 The Gun That Killed Jesse James ($350K)

This gun brought down one of the most revered bandits of the west, Jesse James. Jesse was known for robbing stagecoaches, trains, banks, and pillaging through the west with his posse. The man seemed unstoppable, and for a very good portion of his career, he was. Until his posse started making big mistakes left and right, which left Jesse open to be shot in the head by this very gun. It’s a .44 Caliber Smith & Wesson, and we imagine it would have sold very well with Wyatt Earp's pistol. It sold for a staggering $350,000 at the auction house

7 Teddy Roosevelt’s Shotgun ($862.5K)

If there was ever a man's man, it was Teddy R. His rise through the political ranks has been studied and mimicked by politicians even today. He was an avid outdoorsman, and his time in office saw many preservation acts put in place to protect national parks. If you see a picture of the man anywhere outside, chances are you’ll see him carrying this gun with him. He even took this gun with him on his Smithsonian African tour, which lasted well over a year. The gun is almost as iconic as he is, and it goes to show just how much the man loved the outdoors.

6 Texas Rangers Sam Wilson’s Colt Walker ($920K)

Texas Ranger’s back in the day packed some serious heat with them on their patrols to catch bounties in the west. The .44 caliber Colt Walker revolver was a standard-issue sidearm at the time and was only given to the best Rangers. If the Ranger chooses to not shoot a .44 Caliber bullet, he could opt to use the 220-grain bullets instead. Only 1,100 of these were ever produced, making them extremely rare before getting into the hands of Texas’ best known Ranger Sam Wilson. It should be noted that the gun is still in near perfect condition

5 Colt Paterson Revolver ($977.5K)

Face it, the old west is directly responsible for some of the best gun models we’ve seen. So much so, that old models have been continuously inspired, and improved, from their historical ancestors. Take the Colt Paterson Percussion Revolver as the number one prime example.

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It is the first repeating pistol to ever be made, and it’s directly responsible for how the country's history was shaped and is the grandfather of automatic weapons. Much like the Colt Walkers, this .44 caliber weapon had a very limited run and few models of it were produced, making this weapon extremely hard to find, and even more expensive to buy.

4 Gold-Inlaid Colt Model 1849 Pocket Revolver ($1.1Mil)

Remember how in the last gun description we remarked how older guns are responsible for how the newer ones would be designed? This gun is exactly what we are talking about. This is an offspring of the Paterson Colt and the Model 1849 Pocket Revolver. The progressive evolution of the gun design to 1936 is visible. This version of the gun was made to be easier to carry, and it was one of the most popular models of its time. Its value doesn’t just come from its age, but also from the artistic gold inlays that have been masterfully implemented in the guns handle and barrel.

3 Simon Bolivar’s Flintlock Pistols ($1.6Mil)

We’re going to be breaking out of the western models and going back in time for this entry. Bolivar is one of the most influential Hispanic leaders that the world has seen, and his pistols certainly show off the man’s reputation in an effortless style. These pistols were used when Bolivar was helping many South American countries gain their independence from Spain. The sheer historical presence of it makes up its value. It sold at the auction for a jaw-dropping $1,687,500 and we have rarely seen or heard much of it again. This is a gun that will most likely be sold decades from now, for a much, much higher price

2 George Washington's Saddle Pistols ($1.9Mil)

This is the second most expensive set of guns ever sold at an auction, and they belong to America’s first President, George Washington. These pistols saw and fought for the very birth of the nation. The pair is well over 240-years old, and are still in very good shape. They were a gift from the Marquise de Lafayette. They were purchased in 2002 by the Richard King Mellon Foundation at Christie's. The Mellon Foundation then donated them to the Fort Ligonier museum near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Don’t expect to see these pistols on auction anytime soon, because they will be kept at their location for a long time.

1 John Wilkes Booth’s Gun (Priceless)

This is considered by some to be the most historical gun on the list, and it’s at number one for a reason. This is the very gun that killed Lincoln. It’s only 6-inches long, and it fit perfectly in Booth’s hands before he shot the president. It was sold for $25 in the 1800s. Which, in today’s money would be a hefty price tag. It is the most valuable gun in the world, and there is absolutely no chance at all that it will be on the auction block again. The cost it could demand today is mind-boggling and we can only hope to see if it can come back to the auction.

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