Get Over A Cold With These Life Hacks

Getting a cold is something that really sucks. You don't feel like doing anything — that includes going to the store to get medicine.

Don't fear though, there are a few easy ways to get rid of the illness, or at least try and prevent it without needing to run off to the doctor for help. Given, if it's a really bad cold, go to a professional, but if it's just the common cold, you can probably get away without needing to waste the healthcare system's resources.

To start, you're likely going to have a blocked nose. This is one of the most dreadful feelings to have. You can't breathe properly, your voice sounds funny and you're basically keeping kleenex companies in business with how many tissues you're using.

The fix to this issue is very easy but only works in a short-term format. You're going to have to eat a lot of hot and spicy foods. The spices will make you sweat and make your nose run. So really, this is a small price to pay for feeling like you're normal again. Unfortunately, this really only works for a few minutes at a time but when done every day and multiple times a day, it can speed up the recovery process.

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You'll also need to hydrate. Remaining without water and using the above tip can become dangerous. Generally, it's good to hydrate no matter what, so, just be sure to drink enough water so that you keep yourself safe. This means that you're going to the washroom a lot and will surely reduce the amount of stuff in your body. This might help you along the road to recovery.

The last thing you would probably need to do is clean up. To prevent yourself from getting sick you'd want to keep the place that you're living or working in clean as well. Proper cold and flu hygiene helps everyone around town. It prevents you from becoming a social enemy because you made everyone sick and didn't make sure everything was as germ-free as possible. This tip is likely the most important one because it can actually make or break how long the illness lasts. If someone is super dirty, they might fall ill and remain that way for a longer period of time than those who are super clean. Although, depending on the person and their own cleanliness and white blood cells, it could be vice versa. This lesson can't be stressed enough, just clean your body and the location that you're in, it can help you a lot.


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