George Clooney Sells His Tequila Company For Big Money

George Clooney is as lucky as a person can be. He was born rich, he had a successful acting career in Hollywood, and now he sold his tequila company for $1 billion!

The Hollywood star founded the Casamigos Tequila with longtime friend and Cindy Crawford's husband, Randy Gerber. The company that was supposed to be a private collection of tequila for the founders, friends, and family, was created by accident. At the time, George had no idea he would sell this tequila company for such a high price. And now that he is a billionaire, he is stepping back from acting.

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According to W Magazine, he is more interested in his work behind the cameras, and will only accept a role that is captivating enough. Now that he is super-rich he doesn't have to work, and we totally understand it.

Back in 2013, Clooney was hanging out with his friends in Mexico and decided to make the perfect tequila. One that would be light enough not to give drinkers a hangover the next day. Casamigos—which means exactly "house of friends"—was served exclusively among Gerber and Clooney's entourage for two years. Then, a call from the distiller caused the two friends to start a business together.

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If they wanted to keep drinking their beloved Casamigos tequila, and 100 bottles a year were not enough to keep the production going. So, Clooney licensed it and did everything he had to! As you can imagine, the process of making this company was almost effortless. And when the European Beverage Company Diageo tasted a bit of Casamigos and expressed interest in buying the brand, Clooney didn't think twice to close the deal for $1 billion.

Indeed, it is a great surprise to us all, who thought Clooney was just an actor to whom Hollywood paid millions. All this time, he was more of a tequila baron, with a great product in hands. For Clooney, this tequila was always the perfect drink, a great beverage and not just a cool brand. And that is the main reason why he sold Casamigos for that much.


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