George Clooney Tops List Of Richest Actors After Year Without Acting

Forbes is back with the annual list of the highest paid actors of 2018, and you will not believe who landed at the top!

One would think that you would have to star in countless hit movies in a selected year in order to become the high paid actor, but George Clooney is proving the contrary. Although the star did not appear in any major roles this year, he can certainly sit back and relax, as he is the highest paid actor of 2018.

The 57-year-old made a whopping $239 million in pre-tax earnings this year, which isn’t that bad a paycheck for someone who didn’t have to read any lines. How did he manage to make so much? Well, According to Forbes, Clooney managed to rack in millions with his business Casamigos Tequila, which he co-founded in 2013, along with additional earnings from both endorsements and older films that actor has starred in.

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Clooney, who hasn’t starred in any hit films since his Oscar-nominated film Gravity in 2013 featuring co-star Sandra Bullock, has managed to top the list with his countless features for Nespresso and his TV-miniseries Catch-22. Good on Clooney for scraping in that much!

Second on the list was none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, who came in at making $124 million pre-tax. Unlike Clooney, Johnson did in fact star in an array of films this year that has allowed him to reach the extraordinary amount, which is nearly double of what he made in 2017. Forbes claims Johnson’s immense social media following has helped him rack in the big bucks, and allowed him to “negotiate an extra seven figures over his standard contract for promotion”, get it, Dwayne!

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Other big names that were featured on this years list of highest paid actors included: Robert Downey Jr. with $81 million, followed by Chris Hemsworth with $64.5 million and Jackie Chan, at $45.5 million.

These men are certainly racking it in, and reasonably so! With hit after hit and a blockbuster in theatre each year, we aren’t slightly surprised to see these names at the top!


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