The 10 Most Extreme Bridal Party Demands

A bride’s wedding day should be one of the most special days of her life. Unfortunately, things are not always rainbows and sunshine. The headache to coordinate everyone’s schedules, and the hurdles that come with finding the perfect dress and decor almost makes the whole thing more trouble than it's worth.


Since brides are only human, the stress of it all can sometimes have them acting out of character. You can decide if that’s the case with the brides on this list, or if they were lacking in the character department from the start. Here are some of the most ridiculous demands brides have made of their bridal parties.

10 The Bride Who Couldn’t Be Spoken To

Everyone knows that brides can sometimes be moody and emotional. Because of this, most people afford the bride a little extra leniency and willingly walk on eggshells for them. One bride, however, took things entirely too far when she had her wedding planner send out an email stating that no one could speak to her.

We could maybe understand if she meant until the ceremony was over, but one was allowed to speak to her “AT ALL.” Funny enough, that wasn’t the most extreme demand the planner dished out. In addition to mandating that everyone arrive with at least a $75 gift, they also limited the hair styling options to bobs or ponytails. We guess those with pixie cuts were just out of luck!

9 The Bride With The Weight-Based Dress Code

It’s pretty standard for brides to mandate a theme when sending out invitations to their guests, but it’s usually things like requiring formal or casual attire. Most don’t require specific pieces, and they definitely don’t categorize their outfits by weight group. Of course, one bride with very peculiar taste did! In a now-deleted Reddit post, one wedding guest posted the bride’s dress code for a dance at her Hawaiian wedding. And boy, is it a doozy.


Women between 100-160 pounds were required to wear a green sweater, orange pants, a Burberry scarf, and red-bottom Louboutin heels. Men between 100-200 pounds were expected to show up in a fuzzy purple jacket, soda hat, and white trainers. All kids were to show up in red from head to two (because they were to form a heart during the dance). If you were unlucky enough to be overweight, and in the bride’s proximity, you either had to show up in all black or camouflage. Can someone say tacky?

8 The Bride Who Wanted To Host A Polygraph Party

Apparently, there’s no maximum amount of crazy that one bride can hold. The same lovely woman in the above post wasn’t too pleased once someone leaked the details of her dress code. After reading about how people mocked her vision, she retaliated by announcing that she and her husband-to-be were going to host a party to find out which one of her invitees had betrayed her trust.

How? Well, of course by hooking up her closest friends and family members to a $99 polygraph machine, and weed out the rat, one by one. In order to encourage people to actually attend, she mentioned that there would be no retaliation. Instead, she would just talk crap about them for a very long time.

7 The Bride Who Wanted Money Instead Of Gifts

It's natural to lean on your friends when you're planning your wedding. The good thing about friendship is that most people will be willing to lend an extra helping hand in order to make your day absolutely perfect. There is a line, however, and this bride surely crossed it. Instead of hiring a wedding planner, this one bride dumped all of the wedding responsibilities (like looking up prices for venues and food) on her friend.


She totally dominated every single phone call between them, making them all about her wedding. And she also had the nerve to ask her friend to request that her bridesmaids give her money, instead of gifts. Even after doing her best to accommodate all of the bride's request, she still found herself kicked out of the wedding after the bride didn't appreciate her candidness about her money woes.

6 The Bride Who Called Herself Queen Bee

It’s one thing to want your bridesmaids to look their absolute best on your wedding day, it’s another to demand weigh-ins, mandate that none of them can be skinnier than you, and have each bride get permission from you to cut or color their hair. One psycho bride did that and much, much more, per her list of demands obtained by Gawker.

To go one step further, she also humiliated each of her friends who broke her rules by threatening bridal party banishment. In addition to those ridiculous demands, the bride also referred to herself as the “queen bee,” which wasn’t nearly as cringe as her calling her bridesmaids “worker bees.”

5 The Bride Who Didn’t Want Divorcees In Her Wedding

Going through a divorce before the age of 21 is something most people never expect to experience. Unfortunately, a woman named Caroline did, as well as getting booted from her friend’s wedding as a result. Speaking to Cosmo, Caroline relayed the heartbreaking tale about how she got married young, then realized she'd made a mistake.

When she told her friend, who’d asked her to be in her wedding, she was then kicked to the curb. Why? Well, not being willing to stay in an unhappy marriage apparently meant that Caroline didn’t “believe in the sacrament of marriage,” and could therefore no longer serve her any purpose in her friend’s wedding. Needless to say, that was the start of the end of their friendship. Sounds like Caroline dodged a bullet!

4 The Bride Who Didn’t Like Her Gift

Everyone knows that wedding gifts can be hit or miss. Some people adhere to your registry to a T, while some people prefer to give gifts from their hearts. Whatever you get, you should be grateful and say "thank you." One bride, who obviously lacks sentiment and common sense, went absolutely nuts when one of her guests didn't give a gift that lived up to her expectations.


The guest gifted her with a basket full of date-night snacks, a choice I'm sure they regret to this day. Because the bride wasted no time sending back a snarky text, in which she implied the guest wasn't aware of proper gift-giving etiquette, which she believes should have consisted of an envelope full of money. She then went on to complain about her and her groom wasted the $200 their meal at their wedding cost. Classy!

3 The Bride Who Wanted Everyone To Rack Up Frequent Flyer Miles

If you're lucky enough to have people in your life willing to fly across the country for your wedding, you should probably stick to one destination. One bride, however, requested that her bridal party to fly to at least two different states. While her wedding was to take place in her hometown of Vail, Colorado, her engagement party was going to happen in New York.

She then expected her ten lucky bridesmaids to catch a flight to Las Vegas for her bachelorette party. What makes matters worse is that she also expected her friends to pay for their own travel fare, as well as their attire and contribute to her bachelorette party. And if they couldn't afford to make an event, they ultimately couldn't be her bridesmaids.

2 The Bride Who Wanted People To Compete For A Spot In Her Wedding

Narrowing down the guest list is a chore for any bride. While it's natural to want to invite everyone in your life, it's not always financially possible. Instead of buckling down and making the hard decision on her own, this one bride got a little creative and made her friends and family compete for a spot in her wedding. With only four slots left and seven candidates, she texted each potential guest a list of demands they must adhere to.


It included things like being willing to host a party in the couple's honor, agreeing to write them a $500 check, and also shelling out another $100 gift on the day of the wedding. As if that wasn't enough, she also required each person to sign a contract stating that they would all be " legally responsible for meeting all of our requirements" and would be "legally held to reimbursing us for the time we wasted and the stress of causing problems" in the event that they didn't.

1 The Bride Who ONLY Needed $1500!

Even the most low key, local wedding can run a bride and groom several thousand dollars. It goes without saying that a destination wedding would be doubly expensive, due to the added cost of shuffling dozens or hundreds of people overseas. Most people plan for these expenses ahead of time. One bride, however, did not. Instead, she demanded that her wedding guests shell out the remainder of the $60,000 she needed to make her dream wedding a reality.

After the parents of her groom and her maid of honor pledged a combined $8,000, she expected each of the rest of her guests to shell out $1500 each! When they didn’t, naturally, comply, she posted a long, colorful rant to her Facebook page, in which she announced the wedding had been called off, lamented about how non supportive the people in her life were, and how she was going to go backpacking for two months to de-stress from it all. Obviously the only reasonable reaction!


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