Experts Share How To Ditch Belly Fat Forever

Belly fat is one of the hardest things to lose on our own. Sometimes no matter how many sit-ups or crunches a person does that stubborn belly fat won't budge.

Dietitian and nutritionist Maddie Kinzly, MS, LD shared with PopSugar some tips on how people can ditch the dreaded belly fat forever. She stressed that body type is a significant factor in where people lose weight, but that doesn't mean that a person who carries weight in their belly can't lose fat there.

The first thing people must do to get rid of belly fat is eating whole, one ingredient foods because they are full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Foods such as veggies, nuts and seeds, lean protein, eggs, fruits, and sweet potatoes are good choices. Package and processed foods should be avoided at all costs when trying to lose belly fat. It is imperative people eat more plant-based meals because they have the same positive effects as eating whole-one ingredients foods.


Stephanie Ferrari, a registered dietitian with Fresh Communications, shared that belly fat loss will not happen unless a person is watching their calorie intake. It is a sentiment that pretty much all trainers and experts agree on. To lose weight at all, your calorie intake must be less than burned. There are plenty of apps like Fitbit or MyFitnessPal can help track calories easily.

Aside from diet, intermittent fasting is no easy, but it can definitely help a person lose belly fat. The reason there is so much success with this type of eating is that the body doesn't have a constant energy source. Therefore, it will begin to utilize the fat that is stored. The result is a loss of belly fat.

Eating fiber is also vital for belly fat loss, but there is one type that will really get the trick done. It has proven over the years that people who consume soluble fiber, burn more belly fat. Foods like lentils, barley, cauliflower, apples, and citrus fruits are all on the list of must eat for soluble fiber.

Other tips include doing HIT workouts, skipping the alcohol, drinking the recommended amount of water each day, lifting weights and of course limiting sugar. Oh, and also taking time for yourself to relax. When a person is stressed it releases a hormone called cortisol, which promote the storage of excess glucose and that causes belly fat. Taking the time to reduce stress and focus on personal relaxation will go a long way towards a flat tummy.


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