Everyday Carry: Essentials For Your Manpurse

Everyday Carry: Essentials For Your Manpurse

Here are the tools that should be in every manpurse.

Every man loves to be prepared, which is why there’s more to getting around town than just having a wallet. It used to be that having a fanny-pack made you look silly--and indeed, it still does. That’s why the modern individual uses a far more flashy shoulder or sling bag if they intend to be out on the town for any length of time.

This bag isn’t just for fashion: it’s to make sure you’ve always got the essentials. This goes way beyond gum, deodorant, or nail polish remover (it works for so many more applications than removing nail polish, FYI). These items are something that no manpurse should ever be without.

Starting with…

RFID Blocking Wallet

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SEE IT NOW: $14.95

Thieves are out there, and they’re getting high tech. Most debit and credit cards now come with RFID chips to make paying for things as easy as tapping the card against a console. While this makes commerce incredibly convenient, it also makes it incredibly simple for a well-equipped criminal to steal and copy your credit card info. All they have to do is walk close enough and BAM! Identity stolen.

This wallet will prevent that. It ensures that no electromagnetic waves can pass through the wallet, so that means nobody can scan your card unless you take it out. Not only that, it has a cool, compact design that only takes the essentials: cards and cash.

Wallet Ninja Multitool

Everyday Carry: Essentials For Your Manpurse
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SEE IT NOW: $10.99

You don’t always have your manpurse on you, but you should always have your wallet. And inside that wallet should always be the Wallet Ninja. It’s a can opener, bottle opener, ruler, ratchet set, cell phone stand, screwdriver, and box opener all in one. This device single-handedly ensures that you are never without a means of opening any package in the world.

There are a bunch of other wallet multitools out there with varying toolsets, but the Wallet Ninja is the OG. If you don’t have one, get it.

Classic Swiss Army Knife

Everyday Carry: Essentials For Your Manpurse
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SEE IT NOW: $32.00

While the Wallet Ninja is great and all, it has its limits. Where the Wallet Ninja fails, the Swiss Army Knife prevails.

This original multi-tool should look like a porcupine transformer once every tool is on display. This one just has the essentials, such as scissors, wine bottle opener, and a saw, but you can get different versions with even more tools. There are even butterfly versions that open up into a set of pliers.

We went with the Classic version from Victorinox to be assured of quality, and you should too.

Extended Cell Phone Battery With Solar Panels

Everyday Carry: Essentials For Your Manpurse
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SEE IT NOW: $26.99

It doesn’t get more essential than a cell phone these days, but cell phones have a problem: they’ve got a battery, and that battery tends to die on us at the absolute worst times. To get around that problem, we’ve got your solution.

This external extended battery pack will ensure that no matter where you are you can top up your cell’s battery at any time. The pack can be charged at home via USB and an electrical outlet, or you can just leave it outside for a few hours on a sunny day and it’ll recharge thanks to the life-giving energy of the sun.

Whether you’re in the middle of the wilderness or downtown partying, this battery will ensure you’re never without a cell phone.

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