Embarrassing Birthday Party Photos These 15 Celebs Wish They Could Delete From Internet

The life of celebrity is amazing. They get so many perks just for being famous. And when it is their birthday, the love is multiplied as they celebrate their big day like only stars can. Huge parties, elaborate birthday cakes, enough booze to give the whole bar a buzz, expensive presents, fabulous favors, and so much more. What’s not to be happy about? Well, there is something.

Sometimes celebs party like it’s 1999 and take some regrettable pics. Sure, they were having tons of fun at the time, but when they saw what was posted on the Internet, their smiles turned to sourpusses. If only no cameras were allowed at their events, then we would never know what sort of craziness went down at their big birthday bashes.

We have all been victims of embarrassing pics, but for the most part, only a few friends and family members are in the know. But for celebs, once a party pic makes its way to social media and potentially goes viral, the embarrassment can go worldwide. What was supposed to be a fun party can turn into a night they’d love to forget. Although it doesn’t stop them from partying hard come their next birthday!

Here are 15 celebs who wish they could delete their embarrassing birthday party photos from the web. Or better yet, they would rather the photos never existed in the first place. They’d happily give up that last piece of birthday cake only to travel back in time and do it all over again.

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15 Khloe Kardashian Moved On

This birthday extravaganza may have been fun at the time, but looking back in this pic now, Khloe Kardashian must feel regretful. Not only is she posing with her then-husband Lamar Odom, but her older sister Kim is with her ex, Kris Humphries. Boy have these chicks moved on — and for the better. “Momager” Kris is apparently clueless that these fellas will be out of the picture soon, but she is all smiles as her daughters celebrate with cake and two of the biggest mistakes of their lives. Hopefully the cake was tasty because we all know how rotten things became for the Kardashian sisters and their respective fellas. If Khloe has any computer skills, she can Photoshop her current man’s face in place of Lamar’s and this pic could still be displayed on the mantle

14 Chris Brown Couldn't Look Happier

Chris Brown probably has tons of online pics floating around that he’d like to see vanish, so this one may not be at the top of his list. Still, posing shirtless alongside a birthday cake with your image on it is not exactly a Kodak moment — unless you are a one-year-old. Props to whoever designed the cake, but we are throwing a boatload of shade in Chris’ direction for his ridiculous pose and toplessness. Sure, we have all heard of “wearing your birthday suit,” but we wish Chris had saved that look for some other time, like when he isn’t out at a club as an example. If he must show off that tattoo, he could always wear a V-neck T-shirt. Maybe he didn’t want to get frosting on his clothes.

13 Beyoncé Is Young At Heart

We can’t fault Beyoncé for getting down on the ground and playing with her daughter, but it seems like the singer had no idea her picture was being snapped. If she had known, she may not have gone for the face paint and pink tiara. That stuff is cute for kids, but not for a diva like Bey. Beyoncé normally only does birthdays in high style. Balloon animals are far too simple for a celeb like her. We’ve all seen pics from over-the-top celeb kids’ parties, and this one doesn’t seem to compare. Where are the ponies and bouncy houses? Fans want to see their stars doing things that seem unattainable, not the usual ho-hum stuff the neighbors do for their kids’ birthdays. Step up your game Beyoncé, your fans put you on a pedestal, not on the floor.

12 Britney Spears Doesn't Want To Grow Up

We all know that Britney Spears has a song called “Crazy” but it does not mean she has to look the part. As she turned another year older, Britney seemed to think she was still a little girl as she was snapped wearing a robe better suited for a toddler. Britney was all smiles, but maybe she was just confused. Her birthday celebration seems to be well-suited for a grade schooler but not for a 30-something mom of two. All that pink and playfulness is immature for a grown woman. If this were a kid’s birthday, we’d be singing a different tune. Britney wants to be taken seriously, but when she takes pics like this, it is hard to do. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.

11 DJ Khaled Shows Off 

DJ Khaled is “whooping it up” at his booze-filled birthday celebration. With his close pals Usher and P. Diddy by his side, Khaled is slamming back bottles of Ciroc vodka like they are going out of style. Sure, birthdays are the perfect occasion to let loose and drink with friends, but let’s hope these guys did not get too sloshed that night. Nobody wants to wake up the morning after their birthday feeling a decade older! When you’ve got celeb friends who also make their own vodka, you know that your b-day is going to be a blow out. Moderation is key, but both Khaled and Diddy are holding their own Ciroc bottles. Khaled would probably like this pic taken down from the Internet, but when you booze, you lose.

10 John Legend Will Do Anything For His Kids

What a fun and colorful birthday costume, but singer/songwriter John Legend must be mortified! His wife and daughter must have loved this cartoonish look and John must have thought his costume was super cute, but after seeing it posted online, John probably wishes there were no cameras allowed at the birthday party. The hairy moustache alone is seriously disturbing! But John is known to be family-oriented and always up for a good laugh, so maybe he has come to terms with this silly pic going viral. But just wait until someone wants to “roast” him. This Mario Bros. pic is sure to resurface, providing for lots of laughs at John’s expense. The next time, he will be sure to dress dapper as he normally does, so he doesn’t get made fun of for looking like a fool.

9 Taraji P. Henson Is All About Bling

Dang, that birthday cake must be good! Actress Taraji P. Henson is a superstar, so it is no surprise that her multi-tiered birthday cake is shiny and gold. But she can’t have the entire birthday cake all to herself! Sharing is caring, so get those sticky fingers out of the frosting! Taraji may have been in heaven in the moment as she licked the creamy sweet goodness off her well-manicured fingers, but after seeing her snapshot posted online, she was likely embarrassed. Kids may want to stick their grubby little fingers into the icing but grown woman are expected to wait for a plate and fork. Then again, you are what you eat, and we all know that Taraji is pure gold, from her (frosting covered) fingers to her toes.

8 Sofia Vergara Loves Celebrating Her Birthday

TV star Sofia Vergara is surely having fun celebrating her birthday in her princess costume. She has the tiara in place, her sash sort of in place, and a giant goblet for her adult beverage in hand. And is that her hunky hubby on her T-shirt? We all know that Sofia is a funny woman, so this pic was probably posted with humor in mind, but after the laughs faded off, this pic is kinda embarrassing. But after drinking such a large glass of wine, we’d all probably post this pic to social media too. It may have been fun to be a princess for a day, but the following morning, we suspect Sofia suffered a nasty hangover. You can’t party like you’re 21 when you’re 40-something, even when you look as youthful as Sofia does.

7 Tamra Judge's Healthy Birthday Cake

Real Housewives of Orange County reality star Tamra Judge is taking the word “cake” and turning it into something far from it. Just because you stick candles in something doesn’t make it worth celebrating. We know that Tamra is really into fitness and staying in tip top shape, but can’t she splurge on her birthday? Celery, broccoli, and tomatoes are fine for a garden salad, but when it is time to indulge, a “veggie cake” just won’t cut it. And we don’t want to cut it! These three posh ladies look super-silly as they drink champagne and deprive themselves of a slice of cake. They wouldn’t even consider a sliver. One bite won’t kill them. But this is Orange County, after all, and the ladies must keep up with the Joneses.

6 Pharrell Has A Thing For Cartoons

We know that singer Pharrell likes to get “Happy,” but does this pic really do the trick? Sponge Bob and his sidekick on top of a hamburger cake may be cute for a 7-year-old’s birthday party, but Pharrell is a grown man. Even if he is a secret Sponge Bob fanatic, he may want to keep that information on the down low. And by the way, that birthday cake is huge! He likely had lots of friends and family celebrating with him on his special day, so he knew there would be cameras snapping pics of him all evening. Pharrell always plays it cool but even he must have been mortified when this b-day pic hit the web. He can try to hide under that hat though if he is really embarrassed.

5 Eva Longoria Couldn't Reach

Everyone knows Eva Longoria is a petite woman, but to get her a cake that's as tall as her is a little embarrassing. She looks like she appreciates it, but we're not sure if deep down inside, she's really into the idea of stepping on stage to be able to reach her own birthday candles. How many people did she have at this party for there to be a cake this size? Here's hoping she didn't have to cut it herself. We bet her guests were making "innocent" remarks about her height. If we were Eva, we would specifically ask for a one-tier cake next year.

4 Pamela Anderson Loves Frosting

Geez Pam, what about your table manners? Here we see former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson get a little too eager about tasting her pink birthday cake. It does look tasty, but if she just waited another minute, she could get a slice on a plate with a fork and eat it like a respectable adult. Surely Pam wants this pic to be deleted from the internet, but it is too late for that. We can never “unsee” Pamela as she gets to “first base” with icing and fondant. Hopefully her friends and family were offered a slice of cake from the other side because nobody likes their dessert topped with saliva, not even Pam Anderson’s. A word of advice for her next celebration — serve cupcakes instead. That way, she can lick to her hearts’ content and nobody will call her out on it. This isn't the only pic Pam gets up close and personal with her birthday cake. And did we mention this cake is sitting on a man's lap?

3 Paris Hilton Is Still A Little Princess

Oh Paris, will you ever grow up? Even at your birthday party, another year older doesn’t seem to mean another year more mature. But Paris Hilton loves to be the life of the party, especially when the party is in her honor. She may have thought her frilly frock and tiara were age-appropriate, but looking back on this pic, Paris must’ve wished Kim Kardashian was still her personal stylist. And what’s with all those cakes? Paris surely can’t maintain her svelte physique by indulging in all those high-calorie carbs. But the contact sugar high seemed to overwhelm Paris who is all smiles and ready to start another year… butt first. Hopefully this shindig had enough guests to get through those cakes. Otherwise Paris would have to make her “cheat day” last a month.

2 Kylie Jenner Was Pouting All Night

Do you think Kylie Jenner appreciated her “big lips” birthday cake or was the joke a tad hurtful? Sure, she is smiling in this photo, but on the inside, is she still insecure about her formally barely-there pout? It looks like Kylie’s pals are having fun at her celebration, but that cake is super-creepy. Who wants to bite into a cake that could bite you back? And all that red dye in the frosting can’t be all-natural. Kylie may have had some fun at her bash, but after seeing this pic of herself with her mouth-mocking cake, she probably wished her buddies got her a cake from Carvel instead. Before she got her lips plumped up, what sort of cake did Kylie get? A thin lips cake could only serve a couple of guests, after all.

1 Kim Kardashian West Loves The Attention

Kim Kardashian West loves to be the centre of attention, but this pic is totally embarrassing, making her wish she wasn’t even being looked at. She looks like she is trying too hard to look picture perfect as she blows out her candles with her pretty pout. If she does not want this pic taken down from the web, her hubby Kanye just might. He probably thinks her dress is totally unstylish with those odd-looking cap sleeves. Kim’s birthdays are usually much more elaborate and chic; this pink and blue cake can’t compare to some of the more elaborate ones we’ve seen at other celeb birthday parties. Let’s hope Kim made a wish when she blew out her candles — a more authentic pose and a better outfit for next year’s shindig.

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