Elton John's Late Mother Leaves Him Next To Nothing In Her Will

We all know that Elton John doesn't need any more money, and it's a good job too - because his late mother left him next to nothing.

According to Page Six, Elton's late mother Sheila Farebrother changed her will just weeks before she passed away in December aged 92, naming John as the recipient of two ceramic urns and nothing more. The music legend and his mother hadn't spoken for a period of nine years before reconciling last year, after John told her to cut her personal assistant Bob Halley and John Reid, Elton's former manager, out of her will.


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Talking to The Telegraph at the time, Farebrother explained that the rift started when she refused to do as he asked. "I told him, 'I'm not about to do that and drop them. Bob is like a son to me. He has always been marvelous to me and he lives nearby and keeps an eye on me." While the pair reconciled after John almost died after contracting a bacterial infection in South America last year, it's clear that not everything was forgiven. Farebrother left $738,000 dollars to Bob Halley and bequeathed the rest of her fortune to John's half-brother Frederick and her friend, Deborah Woodward. Elton garnered family photos and the urns. "I give to my son Elton John free of all taxes my two Batignani blue/gold urns and my photographs of mother in uniform and grandfather in uniform," the will read.

A source close to the star reportedly told a British newspaper that it felt like one last snub from Farebrother to her son. "Sir Elton is worth $414 million dollars. It very much looks like Sheila was determined to make one final point to her son in her will."

At one point, the rift was so prominent that Farebrother hired an Elton John impersonator for her 90th birthday just to make a point. Elton was no angel either, once telling a publication, "I don't hate her, but I don't want her in my life."


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