Dry January New Year's Resolution Comes With Many Health Benefits

Dry January has some amazing health benefits. However, those who choose to indulge in the latest fad need to know that the dry month must be done the right way to achieve said health benefits.

According to Self magazine, the latest trend of not drinking for January to detox from the holidays can be a great idea if done correctly. It is essential that everyone considering jumping on this bandwagon understand it is not easy and there are specific steps to making going dry it is adequately done.

The first step is the most important. Each person must have their own reason for deciding to have a dry January. If a person does not have his or her personal motivation, then they will likely not complete the entire month without drinking.


Health benefits also depend on how much a person consumes alcohol. Those who only drink occasionally will likely not see the results the way that that those who have multiple drinks several days a week. If a person drinks excessively he or she should be careful because quitting cold turkey can cause serious medical issues.

Finally, let's talk about how doing dry January can make one feel. People will get to see how their body feels without alcohol in it. Going a month without booze is a great way to hit the reset button for one's body. The results may also help someone reexamine his or her relationship with alcohol, which can lead to even more lasting positive effects of going dry.

Another plus to dry January is a better quality of sleep. When people are not going out as much, they tend to get more hours of sleep and do not skip a workout. Everyone knows that a good exercise will result in some excellent REM sleep. The better night of rest a person gets will leave them feeling clearheaded and less tired.

Although it is not easy to tell immediately a better immune system, as well as a less damaged liver are long-term health benefits to going dry for a month. However, these benefits are not lasting if one goes back to their previous drinking habits. One month of no alcohol is great to give the body a rest but won't make lasting changes if bad habits resume once the allotted time is over.

What do you think of dry January?


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