10 Weird Rules Dog Trainers Follow To Achieve Success

There are a lot of good dog owners on the planet, but there are not as many great ones. A lot of things go into having a dog; love and care are just two of them. Of course, those might be the most important things, but that’s not all you need in order to keep your puppy happy and healthy. Another thing that is essential is dog training.

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Often overlooked by people who do not own dogs or are first-time owners, dog training is one of the most important things a dog owner has to think of even before they get a dog. The professionals who make it their life’s work to training your puppies are also people to be looked up to. Here are some interesting rules the most successful ones follow.

10 Read The Dog

Yes, the title of this entry in itself sounds weird, but the explanation of it might make a little more sense to some people than others. Folks who do not have dogs probably think that they are just a normal animal and you can’t really tell what they are thinking. That is not true.

As most dog owners and trainers know, recognizing what a dog wants is one of the most vital factors in training your dog. Yes, a treat can do wonders for keeping a dog in line and teaching it a trick, but sometimes you have to read your dog to know what it wants in order to maximize the reward it will receive after a successful task.

9 Be Patient

This is a big one. Much like babies, it takes dogs a long time to learn some stuff. They are undoubtedly not as intelligent as human beings. When you put that in perspective you realize sometimes a change is necessary for how you approach teaching something to your dog. You need to be patient with it. It will take a long time for a dog to learn something.

Sometimes the greatest mistake a dog trainer can make is to not be patient with the dog. Whenever you want to teach a dog something, make sure you give it all the time it needs to actually learn it before going into something else. That is why the most successful dog trainers conduct their business in very short sessions.

8 Be Funny

Yet another thing people might not think about when it comes to successful dog training is the attitude the trainer should have towards the dog. While there are some trainers who manage to get their job done being super strict and sometimes even aggressive towards the dogs, that might lead the dog to become not pleasant to be around. So, unless your goal is to have a guard dog, you might be better off choosing a dog trainer that is funny.

Much like a baby, dogs seem to love when people act funny around them. It fuels them and somehow it seems like it makes them want to do the things that trainer wants them to do. That is why a lot of successful dog trainers are funny.

7 Do It, Pause it, Repeat It

Repetition is key in dog training. Much like teaching a human being anything, teaching a dog how to do tricks and how to behave is somewhat of a war of attrition. Your dog is not going to learn not to pee in a certain spot magically or in the first try. They will do something wrong. They will not bring the stick back to you at first, they are not going to give you their paw for you to shake. Now, this is a long game you or your dog trainer are playing, and that is why successful dog trainers take their time. They know that repetition is arguably one of the most vital parts of their job.

6 Set Goals

This might not be such a weird rule, but in a sense, you never know how quickly a dog is gonna learn something. So, it is very hard for a trainer to keep up with the goals they set for themselves and for the dog when starting a new training session. Much of this revolves around the concept that you should not start training a new dog or teaching something new to a dog you are already training that would be beyond its comprehension.

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Training a dog is helping it to take baby steps. Start with something easy, and once the dog has mastered it, raise those goals to the next level so they can do more complicated stuff.

5 Always Utilize Good Manners

Not only should the dog trainer have good manners when acting with other people as well as when acting around the dog, one of the main things she should focus on while training the dog is to make sure that the dog learns good manners.

Successful dog trainers know this very well, as a lot of the trouble owners go through with their dogs happen because the dogs don’t have manners. Focusing on this is an important rule, as teaching the dog to be able to act around other people and animals will ensure that it will not ever cause trouble for itself or for its owner.

4 Change The Dog's Scenery

Here is something that might be new for some people here. Dogs are actually not very good at acting in different environments. Yes, it is not until you stop to think about it that you realize something you teach your dog in your backyard could be something that it doesn’t remember how to do when you go visit a relative or you are in another space.

That happens because dogs may link the activity they learned to a particular environment. That is why the most successful dog trainers change it up and take dogs to different places to learn the same things, making sure the dog doesn’t think that is something it can only do in the particular place it learned the trick first.

3 Make Friends With Dogs While Maintaining Authority

Sure, we do believe that it is important for the dog trainer to make friends. Nevertheless, what we mean by the title of this entry is that good trainers encourage puppies to socialize with other dogs. Not only that, they should be encouraged to socialize with people and even other animals.

As we have mentioned before, ensuring that a dog learns basic good manners is a key rule every successful dog trainer follows. Still, more than good manners, it is important for a puppy to learn how to deal with its peers, much like a human child goes to daycare or school to learn how to deal with other kids.

2 Keep Learning About Dog Training

You can never be too knowledgeable about a subject. Yes, many people can claim they know everything about a certain subject, but that is most likely not true since people are learning new things every day about all subjects. Dog training is a field in which people make new developments all the time. New training techniques, new research on dog behavior and all kinds of advances of that sort.

It might not be such a weird rule for an already successful dog trainer, but for those who think that they already know everything about dog training, this could be a good wake-up call. They should keep learning in order to make their experience and their puppy’s experience the best.

1 Remain Consistent With A Dog's Training

We talked about repetition, but when consistency is mentioned that is not the only thing that it involves. Of course, you should be consistent in how you conduct training sessions for dogs, which is why a lot of successful dog trainers have their set training schedules. But not only that, the way you approach each session and how you talk to the dog is of vital importance to a dog trainer’s success.

One thing you will hear from every successful dog trainer out there is that you must be clear with the dog in using both your signals and your voice commands. You don’t have to repeat the same thing 10 times, you just have to make sure the dog heard you the first one.

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