You Can Now Decorate Your Beard With Christmas Lights

If you have a man in your life who has a beard, let him know he can decorate it with Christmas Lights! Oh yes, just when you thought Christmas could not get any crazier, there are now lights designed explicitly for beards.

#Beardlights is taking over social media as more and more beard light designs are taking over various news feeds. Some are very fancy, tiny lights while others are larger and more colorful. Seriously who would have thought there would be so many different designs of Christmas lights for beards but there literally is something for everyone.


Via Etsy

Men are becoming the light of the party with these facial hair decorations. The battery-powered fun gift can be found at several different retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Beardaments, and Firebox. In fact, the latter is one of the first shops to launch Christmas decorations last year with its Beardo Baubles.

There is no doubt that beard lights are making quite the impression this holiday season. Social media is abuzz with photos of men taking on the challenge to decorate their facial hair. However, not all bearded men are on board with this latest trend. Some men have expressed their dislike for lights hanging on their beard with posts making clear to not disuses the hot topic with them.

The naysayers are a small portion of a group who are thrilled to be the life of the party with their facial decorations. Plus, these fun light sets cost less than $15, so even if you are looking to prank someone the price is low. Each sets clip on very easy and despite how it may sound, is not uncomfortable at all according to most men who have tried them.

#Beardlights is a hit on social media, but the ladies are definitely more of a fan than the men. Ladies are thrilled to have the opportunity to dress up their men's facial hair, provided they can get him to agree. Whether you think it is fun, silly or plan dumb this trend does not appear to be going away until Dec. 26, 2018.

What do you think about Christmas lights for facial hair? Are you for it or against it?


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