David Beckham & Guy Ritchie Drop $4 Million On A London Pub

David Beckham and Guy Ritchie have teamed up and bought a pub together in London's Notting Hill for around $3.9 million.

It seems the key to longevity in the world of celebrity nowadays is to diversify. It is no longer any good to be terrific at one specific thing or to put all of your eggs in one basket. You need to have your fingers in many pies and attract the attention of fans in varying spheres in order to gain mainstream notoriety and attention.

One man who knows a thing or two about that is David Beckham. Beckham started out his celebrity life as a soccer star, and a damn good one too playing for the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid. His marriage to former Spice Girls, Victoria furthered his name, not that we're saying he only married her for that reason. Beyond that, he has modeled, released fragrances, and he even has how own line of whiskeys.


Now Beckham is looking to diversify even more. According to The Sun, he and his Hollywood director friend Guy Ritchie have just bought a London pub together. Apparently, he and Ritchie paid £3 million (around $3.9 million) for Walmer Castle, a pub in the Notting Hill area of England's capital and a stone's throw away from Beckham's family home.

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While this will be Beckham's first foray into the pub and bar owning business, it will not be for Ritchie. The Sherlock Holmes director owns the Lukin pub in Fitzrovia, an establishment he bought earlier this year. He also used to own The Punchbowl in London's upmarket Mayfair while he was still married to Madonna. Even though he kept the high-end pub following their divorce, Ritchie sold it on in 2013.

Clearly, owning a pub was something Ritchie enjoyed, otherwise he wouldn't have bought two of them already so far this year. Apparently, the two of them want to give their new venture a "Soho-house"-style makeover according to The Drinks Business. Ritchie's other pub is yet to reopen following his purchase, so if you're planning on paying his and Beckham's new haunt a visit, we would give it a few months so they can get all their ducks in a row.


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