Dating On Keto Diet Is A Lot Harder Than It Seems

Many people have sworn up and down that the ketogenic diet (often referred to as keto for short) has been successful for them. It helps them lose weight, maintain their weight loss, or better their health in one way or another. But as beneficial as it may be, it does have its drawbacks. The biggest is trying to maintain it when eating out — something that, as pointed out by Men's Health, is harder than those not practicing a keto diet may realize.

Perhaps nothing drives this point home than a post by a Reddit user titled Keto ruined a date for me. Here, the user explained how, during a recent date with a nursing graduate, the conversation somehow turned into a brief debate on carbohydrates. The user tried to explain how a keto diet—as well as intermittent fasting—benefitted him, but his date argued that carbs are essential to survive. The date didn't completely derail due to this conversation, but the user made it clear that there wasn't going to be a second date because of this disagreement.


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As trivial as this may seem, commenters echoed other issues that come from dating while on the keto diet. After all, many dates center around going out for dinner, another meal, or just getting coffee. One user explained how they always worry how to order anything without scaring off their date, let alone confusing the poor server taking their order. Meanwhile, others have sworn off dating altogether, with one person explaining that explaining the keto diet to their date is a stressful experience every time.

Having said all that, dating or maintaining any romantic relationship is not impossible on the keto diet. One user even admitted that while they're keto, their wife isn't'; but that their diets are mostly irrelevant due to their feelings for one another. But the biggest piece of advice that anyone can follow—even outside of dating—is that explaining to others about your diet choice doesn't have to turn into a conversation about weight loss. Explaining that a keto diet simply makes your body feel better is the easiest and least awkward method. You can date on a keto diet — it just takes finding someone that has feelings for you, and is both understandable and respectful of your choice. It may take time, but it's sure to happen at some point.


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