Cryotherapy Could Be The Solution To Your Creaky Joints

Cryotherapy could solve your creaky-joint problem, but what is it?

The procedure sounds very scary and if you Google it, the images will make you even more terrified. It's not for everyone— only those willing to try something new should even consider Cryotherapy.

The newest trend among athletes in treating creaky joints is a procedure that involves standing upright in a cryochamber, hence the name, with temperatures ranging from -184 F to -256 F. Yes, that is unbelievably cold, but it is precisely the point of the procedure.

Extreme cold will activate the nervous, immune, and endocrine systems in your skin's temperate receptor. When this happens, it will immediately reduce any pain or inflammation in your body. Not only does it physically help your body, but it will also help you mentally too.


What happens when you visit a center that offers Cryotherapy? You will be provided with tube socks, mittens, earmuffs, face mask, and Ugg-like boots, which will all need to be worn during your session. That's all you wear by the way. You strip down to the buff except for the items given to you by the center.

Once you have the essential's on, you will enter the cryochamber, which GQ describes as a very bright walk-in freezer, and a technician will then set the temperature based on how many times you have had the procedure done.

Normally, that's around three minutes. It doesn't sound like a lot of time, but at the extremely cold temperature, it will not go by as fast as three minutes of watching TV. At some point, your body will start to tightening, quiver, and shake— you know, the same way it feels when you are chilled to the bone.

While it sounds awful, the benefits of Cryotherapy are allegedly remarkable if you can stand the cold, and it's been said that even your workouts will improve because your joints feel better. With that being said, while it offers relief, more research needs to be done to fully understand the benefits and side effects of the new therapy.

Cryotherapy is an extremely cold way to help you physically and mentally feel better, are you willing to try it?


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