After 11 Years Off The Air, "Court TV" Is Back (And Better Than Ever)

True crime lovers, rejoice! After over a decade, Court TV is back and it seems, it's better than ever!

11 years ago, trial observers watched in sadness as their beloved Court TV (the only place to get their fill of real courtroom procedures at the time) was taken over by truTV, a reality-comedy channel with the tagline "Funny because it's tru."

And just like that, trial footage gave way to shows like "Impractical Jokers", "Billy on the Street", "The Carbonaro Effect" and "Adam Ruins Everything." Slapstick humor trumped justice. Gone were "Cops", "Homicide: Life On The Street", "Forensic Files" and more. Founded in Dec. 1990 and officially launched in 1991, Court TV hit the air waves running with infamous cases that still have people talking today. Eric and Lyle Menendez's as well as O.J. Simpson's murder trials were some of the first footage shown on the network.

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For those truTv fans out there, no need to worry. truTV continues to run strong and completely independent from the old network. The newly-launched Court TV is now powered by the Atlanta-based Katz Networks. The channel offers free 24-hour network live streaming, "gavel-to-gavel coverage" to borrow a phrase from Court TV. Viewers can visit the website, download the new app by Katz Broadcasting, LLC or tune into various cable/broadcast channels to get their fix of the long-awaited return of the true crime channel.

Currently streaming is coverage of the San Diego courtroom proceedings of CA v. Winslow II. Star NFL athlete Kellen Winslow Jr. has been accused of assault against multiple women and the Court TV talent all have plenty to say about it, on all sides.

Speaking of talent, 70 people have gained employment with the new launch of Court TV including VP/managing editor John Alleva, 4 anchors and 3 on the scene reporters. EMMY award-winning legal journalist and original Court TV correspondent Vinnie Politan, former HLN "Crime and Justice" correspondent Seema Iyer, former legal editor and anchor for CBS Pittsburgh Julie Grant and accomplished trial attorney Yodit Tewolde serve as anchors for the Court TV ship while former CNN and ABC correspondent Ted Rowlands, former deputy prosecutor Chanley Painter and attorney and journalist Julia Jenaé serve as reporters.



Now that Court TV has emerged into an interactive world with Twitter and live streaming, the new segments show that the channel will adapt well in this environment that has aged 11 years. Vinnie Politan offers viewers to get interactive by asking a "13th juror" question everyday. Viewers can become the virtual/honorary 13th juror in the trial by voting on Court TV's Facebook page. Politan later reveals the results of the poll on one of the shows he hosts.

Though it's clear that Court TV is ready to keep up with the times, some things haven't changed too much. Bell + Howell commercials pepper the courtroom drama peddling tactical flashlights and sunglasses along with ads for hair removal and senior care life insurance. For those who missed Court TV, it's likely they'll relish the nostalgia, stale commercials and all.

Welcome back, Court TV! It's been far too long! Thanks for reading or as Politan says, "goodnight and don't forget to hug the kids."

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