Court Rules Hangovers Are Officially An Illness

Thanks to the claims of a company that it could help prevent and cure hangovers, a court in Germany has ruled that they should now be considered an illness.

No one wants to phone in sick to work when they are actually ill. It means that we are so unwell that we are literally unable to work. It might be a day without work, but chances are it won't be a very fun one. What's even worse is when that illness is self-inflicted. Being struck down by the flu is one thing. Feeling the aftermath of the night before is something else.

We are, of course, talking about the dreaded hangover. Most of us will have experienced a time when we've gone a tad overboard on a night out and forgotten we were supposed to be keeping a relatively clear head as we have work the next day. The next thing we know, we are waking up feeling as if we have been dragged through a hedge backwards.

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via The Independent

At that point, we have a decision to make. Well, we actually have a few. First, is the hangover bad enough that we're going to call in sick? Next, what are we going to tell our boss the problem is? Chances are they won't be too sympathetic if we tell them the truth. That might be about to change, however. A court in Germany recently ruled that hangovers should legally be considered an illness, reports BBC.

The court case came about on the back of an unnamed company claiming its drinks and powders can prevent and even cure hangovers. Since food and drink products legally cannot claim to help treat an illness, the court made the ruling that a hangover should indeed be considered an illness.

For the purposes of this case, an illness was defined as "small or temporary disruptions to the normal state or normal activity of the body." That certainly sounds like a hangover to us. The bad news is, at the time of typing this, the ruling currently only applies to people suffering from hangovers in Germany. We'll have to rely on the quick thinking of some savvy lawyers for the ruling to be used in other countries. That being said, we're still not sure how sympathetic your bosses will be to your hangovers whether it is officially an illness or not.

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