Cold Workouts Are The New & Better Way To Get Fit

According to certain fitness experts, colder is better when working out.

One would think that exercising in the freezing cold would— apart from being very uncomfortable— probably yield minimal results. But working out in harsh temperatures could soon become a thing. In fact, there's already a cool temperature studio set up in New York City called Brrrn.

Men'sHealth writer Amy Schlinger decided to look into this recently and found out that working out in the cold could actually be very beneficial as long as one is properly hydrated. Moreover, adverse conditions actually promote a higher calorie burn as the body has to work harder to raise its core temperature.


“It’s just as safe to exercise in a chilled studio as it is in a room temperature class,” Nadya Swedan, a New York City physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist for sports injuries, says. “As long as you hydrate properly and don’t allow yourself to get too cold, like hypothermia cold, it’s perfectly OK.”

“You can actually burn more calories working out in the cold because your body is not only exercising, but it’s also working to raise your core temperature, so it’s working harder. Research has shown that the heart and lungs both have to work harder in colder temperatures.”

To be fair though, loads of people would probably prefer working out in the cold as opposed to a hot place. For one, there's no sweat to worry about, and one's body would likely feel less spent after a grueling, demanding session.

“In most fitness classes and workouts, by the end, you feel so hot and overheated that you’re just done, and you can barely make it through the final rounds or exercises,” Brrrn instructor Chris Crowthers explains. “Here heat doesn’t get in the way of performance. So at the end of the workout, you’re not dying when you’re supposed to be slamming ropes.”

According to a sports doctor, there's little risk involved when working out in a cold environment. And thinking realistically, it certainly beats having your session in a hot, humid place.

So why not give it a try then? Get your Jack Frost on!


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