If You Are Suffering From Climate Change Anxiety, You Are Not Alone

Feeling anxious about the fate of our planet is entirely understandable, and a great many people are now suffering from what has been dubbed "climate change anxiety."

Anxiety is something millions of people around the world suffer with on a daily basis. In fact, feeling anxious is something we all feel in some way. It is a sliding scale though, and we obviously all have different things that make us feel that way. Our job, our family, our bank accounts, a litany of things.

To some degree, many of us are also made to feel pretty anxious about the state of our planet. It's difficult not to be, right? We are constantly being told that the ice caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and the oceans are filled with plastic that we have just thrown away.


It turns out that some people are made so anxious about Earth's decline that there is now a term for that feeling. Climate change anxiety. BBC recently caught up with three individuals that suffer from an almost constant feeling of climate change anxiety. As you can see from the interviews with the trio below, the thing that makes them most anxious about our potentially dying planet is that no one else seems to care as much as they do.

They equate it to being able to see a comet hurtling towards Earth, prepping to destroy life as we know it, but no one else caring and just going on with their daily lives. One of the interviewees explains how she has to think that the planet has a future before she decides whether she is going to have children or not. We imagine that is a thought that has crossed many minds in recent years.

There is a lot for us to be anxious about in our lives, as we have touched upon above. Our own personal issues that have us worrying throughout the day. At times it can feel as if as soon as one worry is done with, we are presented with something else to be anxious about. That might well be why some people simply block climate change worries out of their mind. Although the state the planet is in is something we should all be striving to fix, some people simply might not have the wherewithal to be anxious about that on top of everything else.

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