10 Expensive Purchases Made By Chris Evans

Chris Evans is better known for his role as Captain America. But the actor is much more than that. Besides the successful Marvel movies, he was in several other projects like teenager movies and the acclaimed Lobby Hero on Broadway.

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The 38-year-old actor has a fortune evaluated at $70,000,000, enough money to have a lavish life. However, Evans prefers to keep it simple most of the time. Yet, he has made some incredible purchases in the last few years, like a fantastic house with a jaw-dropping view. Keep scrolling and find out how the Captain America star spends his millions.

10 Beverly Hills Home - $3,250,000

In 2013, Chris Evans bought this fantastic mansion in Beverly Hills for $3,250,00. The previous owner paid for it $1,900,000 the year before investing a lot in the renovation, aiming to put it back on the market. It worked.

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The mansion has wood floors, a large kitchen, three bedrooms, and 4.5 bathrooms. The master suite has a huge window that allows Evans to enjoy most of the daylight. There is also a separate apartment with one room to receive guests. The place has a magnificent view and outdoors there is a patio with a fireplace and a swimming pool.

9 Personal Trainer

Captain America is Chris Evans' most important role up to today. The actor has played the superhero in several movies and the role demand, among other things, that he is in great shape. To help him with this task, Evans hired Simon Waterson, a former Royal Marine and personal trainer.

Waterson is in use to Hollywood stars, and he trained Daniel Craig for James Bond and Jake Gyllenhaal for the Prince of Persia. It is easy to imagine he isn't cheap. According to the personal trainer, how the body looks is just the tip of the iceberg since his focus is at the performance of his clients.

8 Hollywood Hills Home

Back in 2007, Chris Evans paid $1,260,000 at this fantastic Hollywood Hills Home. The 2,386 square-foot place has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and It features a spacious living room, dining room, and a gourmet kitchen. Like his other property, this house has a privileged view.

Evans put the place back on the market in 2014 for $1,400,000. While most celebrities use to spend part of their fortune, building a fantastic real estate portfolio, Evans is not very worried about it at the moment, and he just has one house.

7 Watch

It seems that we don't pay too much attention to the male looks at the red carpet. During the Oscar ceremony this year, Chris Evans appeared wearing an elegant turquoise tuxedo that probably also cost thousands of dollars. He matched it with an IWC Portugieser Chronograph, which is evaluated at $16,600. The fancy watch has an 18-carat 5N gold case and Arabic numerals. There is also a power reserve that can last up to 44 hours.

The actor wore it several times during the Avengers press tour. So it is probably his favorite watch.

6 Captain America-Themed Car - $275,000

This one was a generous gift from Robert Downey Jr. The actor thought it was a great idea to give Evans a Captain America-themed car evaluated at $275,000. According to CNBC, the car features a steering wheel with a Captain America's shield on it.

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Downey bought the car and hired SpeedKore, a custom car designer, to personalize the vehicle. The plain version car is worth just $20,000, which means the actor invested a lot in renovating it. That is the kind of present that is hard to match up.

5 Visiting Disney

Some people might not know it, but Chris Evans is a Disney fan he already said that Disney parks are his definition of Heaven. The actor said it is something that rubs in the family, and it was the place everyone in his home wanted to go. Evans added that when he is having a bad day, he just watches movies of people on Disney.

That said, it is easy to imagine that he spends lots of money on Disney tickets. The actor said that when he arranges a trip to Disney with friends and family, they create a group chat and do a countdown for the trip.

4 Personal Stylist

Chris Evans doesn't need much effort to look good, but yet he does. The Avengers star hired the stylist Ilaria Urbinati, and she was responsible for his flawless outfit at the Oscar. In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter said she wanted him to look like Prince Charming, but it wasn't easy to get the proper suit.

Urbinati said that the most difficult part was to find a turquoise velvet, and Ferragamo accepted the challenge to make the suit in a few days. Evans tried it for the first time three days before the ceremony.

3 Donations

Chris Evans seems to be a very down to earth and generous person. He is aware that children around the world adore Captain America and he visited children with cancer in a hospital wearing the superhero suit.

He also helped to promote fundraising for Christopher's Haven kids, which supports children with cancer. Earlier this year, the Avengers cast donated $5,000,000 to help children around the world. It seems that Evans knows how important it is to give back to society.

2 Restaurants

Chris Evans likes to have a low profile life and keep things away from the spotlight. However, sometimes, we see him going to fancy restaurants. Back in 2017, he and Robert Downey Jr. had dinner together at Better Half. They were very friendly and even visited the kitchen to meet the staff.

Sometimes he was also spotted on fancy romantic restaurants with his ex-girlfriend. He was also one of the A-list stars who attended the restaurant Simone's opening. The place belongs to the Joe Russo, Avengers' director, so the whole cast attended to the event.

1 Private Jet

Chris Evans is an A-list star, and he is often traveling the world to promote his movies, especially the Avengers. But don't expect to see him waiting at the check-in at the airport like most of us. One of the luxuries that you can have as a Hollywood star and a millionaire is to do all this traveling on board a private jet.

Of course, when he travels to work, the expenses are paid by the studios. But it is still a considerable investment. The actor also has enough money to rent his private jets when he does his traveling.

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