Eating Specific Cheeses Could Hurt Your Weight Loss Goals

Cheese it is one of the most enjoyable foods, but it could also be hurting your weight loss goals. Not all cheeses are healthy or good for you; in fact sadly most are not even though they taste delicious.

Some cheeses will help you with your weight-loss goals because they are low in calories and fat. Plus, they are full of protein and vitamins. However, not all cheeses are created equally. A lot of them have a hefty calorie count, along with saturated fat that will pack on the pounds, not take them off.

If you are using calorie counting to help you with your weight loss, then you should be avoiding these cheeses. One of the biggest offenders is Cream Cheese. It is not only those bagels that affect your waistline, but Cream Cheese is full of calories and fat with little protein.


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Blue Cheese is great on salads or to dip vegetables in, but even a little bit is terrible. This yummy cheese has almost 100 calories per ounce and nearly nine grams of fat. Also if you think spreading a little on your salad won't hurt, it will. Non-fat cheese may appear as though they are the healthier option, but they are far from it. The taste is not good. They do not melt well and generally leave you wanting something else. Low fat is a better option than non-fat.

There is nothing quite like some baked Brie, yummy deliciousness at its best. Regular Brie is OK, but baked a sugar jam or topping is usually added to it. Plus, it is generally served with some pastries. Mascarpone is another cheese full of creamy goodness, but it is a whopping 120 calories per tablespoon. It also has 12 grams of fat.

Finally, the last cheese to avoid is Gruyère. It is a gourmet cheese used a lot in gourmet mac & cheese, as well as grilled cheese. However, one slice is bad for weight-loss business with 106 calories and nine grams of fat. It may taste good, but it is not worth it.

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Cheese it can be your friend or your foe beware of which cheese you choose. Also, any fried cheese is never a good option.


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