10 Stunning Celebrity Backyards (That Are One Of A Kind)

Celebrities live the life of the rich and fabulous, which means that they usually have backyards to match. These come in all shapes and sizes, and they tend to show off the celebrity's particular style. Some are chic, while others prefer a natural glow, but the one thing they all have in common is that there is nothing else like them on the planet.

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We have uncovered some of the most amazing celebrity backyards that will leave you drooling with jealousy. These homes fit every preference and might even give you some ideas for your own backyard. Keep reading to learn about ten stunning celebrity backyards that are one of a kind!

10 Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore lives in New York City, but that doesn't mean she has to give up the luxury of a backyard. This actress prefers a natural landscape compared to the hustle and bustle that is consistently around her.

She had Brian Sawyer design her backyard because after multiple attempts at a failed garden she decided to bring in a professional. It can seem a bit unconventional, especially when you consider the location, but it is the dreamland she had always wanted.

9 Nicole Richie

This is the backyard of Nicole Richie, which is situated in Laurel Canyon, California. She wanted to design an eclectic space where she could host guests at numerous dinner parties.

This television personality used natural stones and industrial furnishings, as well as plenty of lights to give the space the vibes she wanted to feel. It would leave anyone speechless the first time they lay eyes on it because between the teepee and pool, we are already sold on this space.

8 Jennifer Lopez (Bel Air Estate)

Jennifer Lopez paid $28 million for her Bel Air home, and we know a big chunk of it came from the backyard. There are several outdoor patios with seating for guests and Lopez herself to enjoy.

There is also an outdoor dining area where meals are served on exceptionally nice days, but the pool is the main attraction. It is an infinity pool that is also used as a fountain, so she can go for a swim and admire the beauty of great architecture at the same time.

7 Patrick Dempsey

You might know Patrick Dempsey as McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy, and he lives up to the name with this natural backyard. He wants a natural home that is surrounded by the great outdoors, and this backyard garden achieves that with numerous flowerbeds and a great view.

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They even have outdoor pets which include donkeys, a tortoise, a pig, goats, and chickens. There is even a pool for the kids to enjoy, but the fresh vegetables the garden brings to the table is what makes this space truly outstanding.

6 Natalie Portman

This estate was purchased by Natalie Portman for $6.5 million, and we are certain the backyard is what sold her on the house. She has a view of the coast and the entire design of the property was based on steel, concrete, and glass.

Natalie can enjoy her pool, rock garden, and ginormous entertainment area where guests can come and enjoy themselves. It is nestled in the trees for privacy, while still giving them plenty of space to live their backyard dreams.

5 Beyonce And Jay-Z

This celebrity couple bought one of the most expensive houses in the Los Angeles area and it is literally insane. There are numerous pools on the property, as well as a tennis court for them to use in their spare time. The walkways are elegant and the pools even look like sheets of glass from above.

There is even a pool on the roof in case the fantastic view from the ground during your swim wasn't enough to ease your mind. This couple made sure to keep their kids in mind with a green space that allows for plenty of room for their little ones to run around and play.

4 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper understands the meaning of a good party with his backyard setup that is ready for any impromptu barbecuing. It gives off a rustic vibe that would make anyone feel like they are back at home, well, a bigger and better home of course.

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You can cozy up next to the fire as you admire the excellent brickwork that was done around the entire space. It might not seem like the most luxurious way to live life, but it is one of the best especially when you surround yourself with friends and family.

3 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has such a beautiful layout to her backyard that we are envious of her design skills. The water is a cool blue and surrounded by plank walkways that transport you to an island far away.

She has an adorable outdoor patio that begs you to come and relax in one of its many chairs. It is almost a home away from home as you look out at the city down below and cherish the natural beauty that surrounds you.

2 Celine Dion

This mansion in Florida has a full-blown waterpark that Celine Dion and her son used to enjoy before she sold it back in 2017. The water almost seems to stretch endlessly in every direction with slides and a lazy river to top it all off.

It was a great way for her to be able to spend time with her kids from the comfort of her own home, and we can't believe she sold it. This place must have been great for entertaining friends and families, and it serves as inspiration for our own home waterparks.

1 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba enjoys simplicity, which is exactly what this backyard offered her family. There is a large expanse of green grass that overlooks the city, and no celebrity backyard would be complete without a pool.

It is the best place for her family to grow and bond as they mature as they learn how to occupy their time outdoors. Some might say it looks a bit bare, but to Jessica and her family, it was the perfect fit.

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