10 Celebrities Who Refuse to Live in Los Angeles

The glitz and glamor of Hollywood is not for everyone. Sure, it may seem like the perfect place to be if you like being in the limelight, and yeah, it probably is the perfect place if you want to be in the spotlight every once in a while. For some actors and other A-list celebrities, this is certainly the case, meaning they have opted for a residence far away from Hollyweird, whilst still maintaining their celebrity status in the area.

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Although Los Angeles, from the outside, looks like the place to be, it may not have the quality of life for A-list celebs and their families that we have been lead to believe. Check out who has ventured away from LA, and where they have decided to settle down.

10 John Mayer

John Mayer has described his new residence, a multimillion-dollar vintage ranch mind you, in Montana as having a much more relaxed vibe than Hollywood.

Mayer opted to exit the constant spotlight after having throat surgery, and has openly said that since leaving the Big Smoke, he has never stressed or taken any pills to cope with the continuous entourage he had back in LA.

9 Natalie Portman

Miss Portman calls the City of Love, and the French capital, Paris, her home. Of course, when she is required for a movie shooting or awards nights, she would travel to Los Angeles in none other than a private jet, but Portman has chosen Paris as her main city of residence.

It is a well-known fact that Paris has extremely rigorous laws when it comes to celebrities, which is why many A-listers choose to live there. Well, aside from the delicious culinary scene and vibrant cultural aspect.

8 Chris Hemsworth

Not sure about you, but Thor deserves to live wherever he chooses, and he has chosen the Australian beach and surf town of Byron Bay. Located in the north of New South Wales, any pictures will tell you exactly why he moved here.

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It is simply an amazing location, stress-free, family orientated and a place where you can wind down and forget about the world. Hemsworth says that sure, LA is a great place as is gave him so much, but in the same token, you are reminded about the industry every step by someone, whether it be public or media.

7 Mark Ruffalo

After he and his wife realized that he was only taking acting jobs in Los Angeles to support their family, the Hulk decided it was time to make a change, and what a change it was.

They [Mark and family] headed to the other side of the country to set up base in Upstate New York. Here, they own a large residence with some farm animals as well as a fruit and veggie garden! Sounds a bit too much like paradise for someone so used to the spotlight, not complaining though.

6 Elijah Wood

As a celebrity, it is not often that you get treated like a normal human being. Well, perhaps moving to Texas is the solution. Elijah Wood, or Frodo, packed up his belongings in LA and ventured south to Austin, Texas, where he now lives in a $1 million mansion covering over 3,000 square feet.

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He says that he regrets not moving here sooner, as he is treated like a normal local here, and not as he was in Los Angeles; harassed, everyone documenting your every move, you know, that kind of thing.

5 John Travolta

Anyone who knows John Travolta will know that he is an aviation fanatic. If not, you will find out pretty soon. Travolta and his family live in Jumbolair Aviation Estates in Florida, where each house has its own runway and taxiway to the front door.

He and his wife it would only be appropriate for their 3 private jets, and also to have the convenience of having their world, quite literally, at their fingertips. A mansion with a private airspace and runway is really the ultimate statement to the media.

4 Hugh Jackman

Mr. Wolverine as some may know him, Hugh Jackman actually resides in Melbourne, Australia, much to the contradiction of many ‘experts’ saying he lives in Los Angeles. He may have a residence in Hollywood (it is a secret), however his main place of residence is in the South of Australia.

He says there is a much more relaxed vibe, the quality of life is overall better and it is a brilliant city to bring up a family. It seems as though as a celeb, the solution to a more stress-free life is to move out of Hollywood!

3 Daniel Day-Lewis

Maybe one of the most isolated and unsuspecting places from Los Angeles is on an Irish farm. This is exactly where the ‘Lincoln’ star resides with his family, and, well, why not?

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Celebrities, although we may turn a blind eye to it, are often trying to avoid the spotlight and this ‘rural paradise’, as Day-Lewis describes it, seems to be exactly the right hideaway.

2 Vera Farmiga

Just like Australia, Upstate New York seems to be one of the hottest destinations for the world’s biggest stars. After meeting her to-be husband on the set of Touching Evil, she later had 2 children, moved Upstate and purchased 4 more kids…(goats…pun not intended).

It feels as though the A-listers try to set up their residence where the media won’t bother to find them!

1 Julia Roberts

Living a rather peaceful and stress-free life in New Mexico, Julia Roberts’ residence sits afoot the Mexican mountains. She lives here with her family in the hope of going unnoticed by the paparazzi, but they always find a way.

Nevertheless, some celebs need to take a break from hectic life in Hollywood, whereas Roberts has this break all day, every day right at her doorstep!

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