10 Celebrities Who Rock Shoes You Can Buy At The Mall

When thinking about celebrities in Hollywood, we typically envision them in top-dollar fashion and expensive brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. But that's not always the case. At the end of the day, celebs are people too, and sometimes they want to relax in casual clothes and footwear.

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Many of them live in big cities like Los Angeles and New York City, which means they do a lot of walking daily. Instead of splurging on expensive footwear, many of them actually prefer to run errands in more affordable brands like Nikes, Vans, or Adidas. Here are a few celebrities whose shoes you could probably find at your local shopping mall.

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10 Jessica Alba

via Pinterest

Just because Jessica Alba is a world-famous model and actress doesn't mean she's always glamming it up. Sometimes she enjoys a more comfortable shoe like the Birkenstock instead of tight high heels. She's been spotted on several occasions walking around town in the soft suede sandals.

Alba likes to go shopping with her kids while wearing a suitable walking shoe. If you want to grab a pair for yourself, they typically will only cost you between $30-50 on average. Alba has also been spotted wearing Converse shoes proving she's a star with a love for comfort over glamor.

9 Katie Holmes

via Vogue

The Batman Begins actress can often be found wearing comfortable and affordable footwear. Holmes tends to wear brands like Adidas, Converse, and even Ugg shoes. While shopping with her daughter, Suri, they can often be spotted wearing matching outfits or shoes.

She has a pair of $55 Converse shoes she was seen regularly wearing in 2017. To accentuate her casual wear, she often wears slingbacks or ballet flats. Katie Holmes has kept a low-profile over the last few years, with her latest project being the sequel to the horror film, The Boy. Brahms: The Boy II is due out later this year.

8 Kate Middleton

via Esquire

As a member of the British Royal family, one might expect the Duchess of Cambridge only to wear pricey footwear, but that isn't the case. Kate Middleton can frequently be spotted rocking perfectly affordable shoes from several different brands.

Romper even wrote an article listing six of Middleton's favorite brands and all of them can be found at your local shopping mall. She likes to wear everything from tweed J. Crew heels to Adidas sneakers. She wears sneakers often to go out and about and tends towards inexpensive pairs that are long-lasting rather than those that are more flashy than they are useful.

7 Gigi Hadid

Supermodels have to walk to and from places that aren't on the runway just like the rest of the world! No one wants to walk to the grocery store or go exercising in five-inch stiletto heels. Gigi Hadid enjoys wearing a solid Adidas sneaker to run errands.

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Her preferred brand is the Adidas Super Star shoe which runs for a retail value of approximately $55. Hadid is relatively budget-friendly on the regular. She's even been spotted repeating several of her casual-wear outfits. When not wearing Adidas she can also be spotted rocking a good old-fashioned pair of Converse sneakers.

6 Kristen Stewart

Once the face of the young adult film franchise, Twilight, Kristen Stewart never let all the fame go to her head. She has always been one of the most laidback celebrities in Hollywood, and that extends all the way down to her toes. In 2011 she made headlines for stepping out on the red carpet in a pair of checkered slip-on Vans.

Not much has changed since then, Stewart still frequently sports relaxed fit sneakers like Vans and Converse shoes. She has Converses in nearly every shade, including white, black, and red, both high-tops and low-tops. When not wearing Converse sneakers, she's often seen sporting Keds or Nikes.

5 Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe loves Vans. He has been photographed on numerous occasions wearing Vans sneakers, even going so far as to pair some blue Vans trainers with a suit and tie ensemble. It's not too surprising that Radcliffe would favor comfort over glamor, this is the same guy who has claimed he rocks the same outfit multiple days in a row to throw off the paparazzi.

He has Vans in several shades too. In addition to his blue skater-style Vans, he also has several pairs of plain white Vans and Old Skool black Vans. You can snag the Old Skool brand for around $60 at your local mall.

4 Emily Ratajkowski

Gigi Hadid isn't the only model who prefers to walk around in comfort when off the runway or outside of photoshoots. She likes to wear sneakers, particularly white sneakers because they pair well with multiple outfits. She has a particular fondness for Veja sneakers which are around $120 and available through Nordstrom.

She has also been spotted wearing Nikes and Adidas Samba sneakers, both of which can be purchased for under $100. Even when Ratajkowski wants to wear a dressier pair of shoes, she prefers Nine West heels. Many shopping malls have a Nine West store and their high heels are fairly affordable in price.

3 Dua Lipa

The Nike Air Force 1 sneakers have found an almost cult-like following in Hollywood. Singer Dua Lipa has jumped on board the trend with her preferred pair of the slimmer AF1 sneakers. The good thing about these shoes is they are flexible and can be paired with several different outfits.

As shown in Dua Lipa's Instagram post, she has paired her AF1s with a red ensemble. You can see how the logo on the shoe is detachable too, allowing for alternating accessorizing to accentuate the foot. Spending all day in the studio working on a new album can be hard work, so it makes sense she would want to work in style and comfort!

2 Kylie Jenner

Coming from the multimillion-dollar Kardashian empire, it's not too surprising that Kylie Jenner would have an extensive shoe collection. What might surprise you, however, is how many of her sneakers are affordable. Of course, she has pairs of the highly coveted Yeezy shoes, which is no surprise given her relationship to Kanye West, but she also favors the Nike AF1 brand just like some of her other social influencer friends on this list.

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In addition to her Nikes, Jenner likes to wear Adidas and Puma brand sneakers while out and about in the city. Who knows, maybe one day she'll follow in Kanye's footsteps and create a new line of sneakers to go along with her many make-up brands.

1 Rihanna

It's common knowledge that Rihanna has a lucrative business deal with PUMA. She has even designed a line of sneakers for the brand known as "PUMA by Rihanna." That said, her business plan isn't solely about money and she seems to genuinely enjoy wearing PUMA sneakers and other brands of affordable footwear.

It's not as surprising as you might think given how down-to-earth the singer is and her awareness of her fan's budgets. Rihanna has been known to look out for her supporters such as by including a range of inclusive shades in her Fenty foundation line. One of her favorite PUMA brand sneakers is the PUMA Women's Clyde Core Foil Sneaker. You can buy it on Amazon now for between $29.99 and $75.36.

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