The 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Ranked

Cats are one of the most popular pets in America. According to U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics, 30 percent of the houses in the country have at least one cat. They are known for being independent, intelligent and easy to take care of. It is also hard to resist their cuteness.

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While many people don’t care about breeds and just decide to adopt a pet, there is also a luxury market that sells the rarest kinds. Unsurprisingly, the price will depend on the cat's rarity. Some particular breeds can cost the price of a car. Here are 10 of the most expensive cats in the world.

10 British Shorthair - $500

One of the most expensive cats in the world is the British Shorthair breed. Its price starts at $500 and goes up to $1,500.

They are known for being easy going and can live comfortably in apartments, making this breed great for families. As kittens, British Shorthair cats have a lot of energy, but they steadily grow quieter after the first year. It is the indoor type, and owners should avoid letting them go outside.

This cat enjoys the attention and loves following people around. Unsurprisingly, it is the most popular cat in the United Kingdom.

9 Scottish Fold - $1,500

It is hard to resist the charm and cuteness of this furry cat with begging eyes and folded ears. But to have one of those you need to pay up to $1,500.

The Scottish Fold is known for its loving personality and gets along very well with children and other pets. It is very responsive to training and is very affectionate.

Not all Scottish Fold kittens are born with folded ears. So, it might be challenging to find one due to the high demand. Anyway, all cats are worth it, regardless of their ears.

8 American Wirehair - $1,200

The American Wirehair is popular because it is easy going, adaptable, and playful. The average price is US$ 1,200 and it is not a rare breed.

This breed is resistant to diseases, which makes the WireHair cat popular among cat lovers. He is very curious and loves to play with toys.

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Although he can live in apartments, this cat likes regular activities and it would be nice to have some space. This cat is also amiable and will follow people everywhere. It will demand some attention, but it also gets along with children or guests.

7 American Curl - $1,200

The American Curl is a very popular breed among cat lovers. And, it is easy to understand why this breed is so loved. It is hard to resist to its fluffy looks, with a silk flat-lying coat, and curling ears. A random mutation caused this last feature.

This cat is also among the most expensive breeds in the world and costs approximately $1,200.

Unsurprisingly, this long-haired cat demands a lot of grooming. In return, you will own a cat that is clever than average and also has a sweet personality.

6 Russian Blue - $800

There is something noble about this breed. Its silvery blue fur and bright green eyes make this cat outstanding among the crowd. Of course, it comes with a high cost and the average price for this breed is $800.

The bright side is that they are not high maintenance and the daily need cost is affordable. This Russian Blue is very smart and adapts quickly to different routines. It is also very loyal.

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Also known as the Archangel Cat, this breed likes its own space and they don't socialize that much.

5 Sphynx - $2,000

The Sphynx is a unique cat and not everybody dreams of owning one of those. Due to a natural genetic mutation, this breed is totally hairless and also very resistant to diseases. This uniqueness comes with a price: $2,000 per kitten.

People who have this breed need to pay attention to details. They need to be bathed more often than other cats and also need body oil on their skin. It's an indoor type and they are not comfortable outdoors.

Unlike many people think, the Sphynx is not from Egypt, but from Canada. They are very loyal, playful, and love being around people. If you have a dog or other cats in the house, they will also get along very well.

4 Peterbald - $1,000

The Peterbald is another Russian breed. It usually is hairless or has a very tiny coat that resembles a peach. It is a rare breed and it costs $1,000.

The first registers of Peterbald are from 1988 and it didn't take long until they became a popular breed all over Europe. Since it doesn't have a coat, its susceptible to sunburns and owners are advised to don't let them spend time outdoors.

Their skin is fragile, so you need extra attention if children play with it. But the Peterbald has a very sweet personality and likes to be around humans.

3 Bengal - $10,000

For people looking for a pet with a wild look, this might be a great option. But, only if you are willing to pay perhaps up to $10,000.

The Bengal has a spotted fur and resembles a leopard. It is also much larger if compared to other pets. Due to its nature, this cat demands lots of space. This breed is very curious and full of energy. He will be jumping everywhere ( chandeliers included).

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They are also very social and will get along with other animals.

2 Savannah - $12,000

This breed is the result of a combination of wild African serval cat and a Persian cat. The price of this luxury cat is high: $12,000.

The Savannah should be trained at an early age, so they can get along with humans and other pets. In case they are not prepared, they are not friendly toward strangers.

Its nature is adventurous and curious. If you have one of those at home, it will be jumping over refrigerators and cabinets. They are very active and need lots of exercises to spend their energy. So it is not a good choice for apartments.

1 Ashera - $100,000

This is by far the most expensive breed on the list. To have an Ashera, an extremely rare cat that looks like a snow leopard, you may have to pay more than $100,0oo. Very few people in the world have this cat.

Even if you can afford the astronomical price, only five Ashera kittens are born every year. A firm in Los Angeles produces them.

They are also high-maintenance and demand a lot of attention. Their temper is similar to Savannah cats and some genetic researchers show that they are a Savannah cat variation.

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