Which Name Brand Giant Had The Best April Fools' Day Prank Yesterday?

From leopard-spotted baby koalas to public play parks exclusively for cats, animals seemed to be the theme for the majority of big businesses who felt like having some fun on April Fools' Day.

These businesses took to their social media accounts, usually the night before or a few days prior to April 1, 2019, in order to let the suspicious information settle in the minds of their followers. Roku Headquarters took to their Instagram to post a photo of a bulldog sleeping on a red sofa next to a strange looking Roku remote - strange in the sense that this one has two paw-shaped buttons. The new "Press Paws Remote" would allow animals to watch TV using the same remote that their humans use, the post claimed.

Michelob ULTRA jumped on board with the animal trend and posted a short video on their Twitter account which implored their followers to "sign the petition RIGHT MEOW" with the hashtag #ULTRACATPARK while photos of cats Photoshopped over backgrounds of various parks were shown. The company insisted that they were petitioning Change.org to create cat parks because "dogs have dedicated parks everywhere. Cats have 0. Let's change that."


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Brooklinen posted a photo to Instagram of a sweet bunny lounging in a tiny bunny-sized bed with the caption, "We have a BIG announcement...Introducing, Brookcritters! Our furry friends need naps too, ya know." The comments immediately flooded the post. "If this is real, I will buy it," one read.

While Wayfair tried to get their followers to believe that they had created a wedding registry for dogs, the entire country of Australia decided to band together to try to convince unsuspecting animal lovers of a "little known fact" that baby koalas, known as joeys, are all born with leopard spotted fur.

The Twitter account for Australia backed up their "fact" with a photo of an adorable chubby joey climbing a tree with peculiar leopard spots. Australia fessed up via social media that they had the photo expertly Photoshopped to try to dupe their followers.

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But according to Time, not everyone decided to go with an animal prank this year. Fast food giant McDonald's tried to persuade their Twitter fans that a new dipping sauce for fries was coming out - shake sauce. Milkshake sauce, that is. The joke may be on Mickey D's as now milkshake-dipping fry fanatics are now petitioning the company to make this hoax into a reality. Also on Twitter, news organization Metro UK claimed that "straight white men" would be banned from their comment sections, causing a split reaction. Time reported that some Twitter users were upset at the prank but many seemed to laugh the joke off.

April Fools' Day may be done and over with for this year but that just means that these large companies have 364 days to plan a hilarious hoax good enough to fool tons of followers and top this year's prank. Will you be ready?

Did you fall for any of these corporate giants' hijinks on April Fools' Day? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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