Harness The Power Of Light To Cook Your Food With This New Oven

Brava has just released a smart oven that uses light to cook food in half the time that it would take a conventional oven to do the same job.

Eating healthily and substantially can really be a problem for most of us. After a long day at work, followed by a long commute for many, the last thing we want to do when we get home is spend an hour or more in the kitchen preparing and cooking what we really should be eating. Eight times out of ten we will let our tiredness get the better of us and eat something quick and easy instead.

If that above description sounds like the majority of your weekday evenings then Brava may have just released the perfect alternative. It's called the Smart Oven, and it may be about to revolutionize the way we cook food at home. The Smart Oven uses light to cook food and can do so in half the time it would take a conventional oven. There are six infrared bulbs inside the oven which are split into three different zones.


What those zones mean is that the Smart Oven can cook three different foods at three different temperatures, all at the same time. The guys from Brava demonstrated this to Men's Health recently by cooking a salmon dinner. The salmon was situated in one zone, some asparagus in another, and cherry tomatoes in the final zone. All three foods were on the same tray but cooked perfectly to different temperatures, pretty incredible.

via menshealth.com

Not only can the Smart Oven cut your cooking times in half, but it also takes away the painful wait that your regular oven needs to heat up. Brava's Smart Oven can heat up to 500 degrees in just one second. The only thing the creators of the innovative bit of kit recommend is that you leave a few minutes between cooks to eliminate any residual heat that may occur.

If you like the sound of all the above then the next question you probably want the answer to is how much this pretty remarkable contraption is going to cost. At the moment you can only preorder to Smart Oven and the most basic package will set you back $995. That includes the Smart Oven, obviously, as well as its core accessories and a meal kit for two. You can also plumb for the next step up if you so choose, a $1295 pack that comes with even more accessories plus $150 to spend in Brava's marketplace.


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