Bob Harper Shares Tips For Everyone Struggling To Lose Weight Should Use

Many people struggle to lose weight, and that can cause frustration that may lead to giving up the journey.

There is hope though, according to PopSugar. Thanks to trainer Bob Harper who is sharing a few tips to help those who are having difficulty shedding unwanted pounds. Some of his insight is common sense, but it is also easier said than done.

Practicing portion control is essential to jump-starting your weight loss. It is important to understand that most meals we eat are much larger portions than we need. Each recipe comes with a proton size, follow it. You can also start by using your own judgment to reduce the size of your portions. It may take you longer this way, but it may stick since you are easing into portion control.


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Hot Yoga is another great tip from The Biggest Loser star. He mixes it with cardio but has said that adding hot yoga has helped him build strength, flexibility, muscle, and relaxation. First timers must be careful. Since it is hot yoga, your muscles will seem more flexible than they really are, which can cause injury. Therefore, take it slow, but if you can do it once a week, Harper insists you will see those pounds drop.

Make sure your plate is balanced. Now, this is not the same as portion control. Having a balanced plate is ensuring the correct ratio of healthy fats, lean protein, and complex carbs. When you have a balanced plate, your body will be more satisfied, and you will stay full longer. It also means you are less likely to snack and that will help with losing weight.

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Finally, Harper says you need to cut yourself some slack and find the joy in your life. These two go hand in hand. When we are hard on ourselves, we are not seeing the joy that is essential to living a healthy life. Also, instead of beating yourself up over not working hard enough, long enough or losing the weight as quickly as you want, remind yourself you are doing the best you can. It is all about positivity.

What do you think about Bob Harper's advice? Will you try his suggestions?


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