BMW Creates Self Driving Motorcycle That Can Even Park Itself

BMW has revealed a new state of the art self-driving motorcycle! Talk about zooming into the future. The latest BMW release is a completely autonomous motorcycle that cannot only speed around a racetrack on its own but even goes as far as parking itself without anyone sat on top.

With self-driving cars getting more and more popular, BMW is stepping it up a notch and introducing their own version. According to DailyMail, the motorcycle is powered by intelligent software that can accelerate on its own, steer and turn, lean around corners and brake with absolutely no human contact. Although this sounds like an incredible piece of machinery to get your hands on, we wouldn’t get your hopes up too high.

BMW claims this motorcycle is not built for consumers but was created in order to learn “more about how it can work new safety features into its motorcycle range.” Even if we don’t get to test this self-driving motorcycle, it turns out we can expect to see some of its safety features in future BMW bikes that can be purchased.


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This innovative creation will allow BMW to further create vehicles that help support inattentive drivers that provide more “stability” in emergency situations. We can definitely get on board with that! Stefan Hans, a Motorrad safety engineer discussed details regarding the motorcycle, and shared how “the prototype helps us to expand our knowledge about the vehicle’s dynamics so that we can classify the rider’s behavior,” Hans said.

In addition, a video was released displaying the different tricks the autonomous motorcycle can do. The video shows the vehicle start its own engine, accelerate down a track and even make its own turns before coming to a complete stop. According to the source, researchers have spent hundreds of hours developing this technology that can potentially make its way into future BMW creations.

Although the maker has yet to reveal exactly what technology the bike uses in order to see, we can only imagine that some form of sensory cameras and AI technology are involved. As fancy as this may be, it turns out that the self-driving car doesn’t spike an interest in too many people. A survey last month found that nearly half of Americans have no interest in buying a fully autonomous car, says the source, which comes as a shock considering just how ingenious the idea truly is.

As this technology continues to grow and improve, we can only hope to see something like this come to fruition with BMW in the future!


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