Bill Gates Is So Rich He Doesn't Know The Price Of Everyday Items

Bill Gates, easily one of the richest people in the world, doesn’t know the price of laundry detergent! The legend himself stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show this past Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018 to discuss his family, business, generosity and the prices of everyday items.

The talk show host began the interview by talking to Bill Gates about his discussing his start with Microsoft and how he was surprised to see how it take off and become so successful. The software genius is estimated to be worth nearly $90 Billion, yes, Billion with a capital B, but doesn’t splurge too much.

He revealed to Ellen how the only things he’s actually purchased that can be considered “crazy things” are his Porsche and private plane. He added how he also has a full-on trampoline room in his home that he calls an “indulgence”.

The billionaire, dressed in a salmon sweater vest and khaki’s, went on to discuss his philanthropic work and how he was put $40 billion into his foundation called Global Health. He shared with the host how it allows for medical aid and treatments to be sent to millions of children across the globe to treat diseases such as malaria. His humanitarian work didn’t stop there!


He also plays a huge role in helping the advancements of education in the United States and advocates for teachers who work endlessly to help the youth of America. Talk about humble! Ellen jokingly told Gates “I am glad you’re a billionaire.” So are we Ellen, so are we!

The fun finally began when Gates played a game with Ellen, guessing the prices of everyday items. First up, a box of “Rice A Roni” that retails for $1.00, however, according to Bill, he guessed $5.00! Tide Pods have been a hit lately, mostly for all the wrong reasons, and according to Bill, a box of Tide Pods cost $4.00 when in reality; the laundry pods cost nearly $20.00. Although we’re sure Gates hasn’t done his own laundry in years!

A box of dental floss came up next. He guessed $4.00 for the floss and was only thirty cents off when the $3.70 price tag was revealed. He’s getting closer! The remaining products, which included frozen pizza rolls and a spinach dip, were all below $10.00, but Bill needed a little bit of help from the audience to get those two right.

He revealed he has not been to a grocery store in a very long time, and we don’t blame him! When you’re busy building a multi-billion dollar technological empire, who has time to go shopping or even was their own clothes. Luckily for Gates, he does floss his own teeth!


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Bill Gates Is So Rich He Doesn't Know The Price Of Everyday Items